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  1. Helmets kinda pointless at the moment

    I can safely say that helmets are not useless. No they won't stop any high caliber rounds which is how it should be, but if you run into someone using a mp5 or mpx you will have the time of your life. I keep running into guys with helmets on factory and unload half a clip into their face from near point blank only to do 1 damage per hit. So I would always go with a helmet where you can, it might save your life 1/10 times.
  2. Package Upgrading

    Keep in mind that every time you do upgrade that you will have to pay the transaction fee, which isn't that cheap either, I believe for me it was around 15euro's. So if you upgrade 2 times that would add up to 30 which is quite a big deal imo.
  3. Reporting hackers with proof.

    Just don't. The devs look at every single possible cheater to verify that they are 100% cheating and will ban them accordingly. So this is already partly happening manually. Looking at the video it could be many things, it could be one of the invisible scavs that got glitched into the ground throwing a silent grenade or something similar. It could just be desync and the damage only registered after a certain time causeing you both to die at the same time. It could be 2 people shooting you from afar and getting their shots lined up. And so on. If we were to add a report feature it would be flooded and there would be no end to discussion. The game is bugged and you just can't be certain of what happened.
  4. First impressions: not good

    Power to you. However, I'm quite sure it's just not as complicated as EFT, and even if it is, you just can't push a patch for every single issue on it's own every 5 minutes in a any game. That would make so no one would even be able to play the game because of server and client mismatches. Not to mention the infrastructure overhead, remember that this game is not covered by the allmighty steam backend. We all have our frustrations with this game, but please try to stay reasonable and think about the situation.
  5. First impressions: not good

    Totally agreed with @zpwarrior He could indeed have died because of his insufficient knowledge, if you use the wrong type of ammo against an armored opponent you will have a tough time breaking through his armor. Not letting him extract could well be that he doesn't realise that certain extractions are situational now, and that the one he chose wasn't active at that time. It could have been a supressed subsonic bullet, you won't hear the shot coming. Also yes the servers are at their laggiest at the start, when everyone is loading in so this is a possibility. A server disconnect doesn't prevent you from getting back in the game, if a little lucky you can reconnect and still be alive and extract then. Saying that the devs are lazy is just rediculous. They are a small developer team (~30 people), every member has their own specialization. Saying that they should fix problems first and then add content is completely moot. A person specialized in Modeling can't just magically fix a server issue. Furthermore, it just takes a lot of time to fix issues, you clearly have no experience in anything programming related as you would know that. Anything you fix will most likely break something else, and would you rather have them output "fixes" that only introduce new issues... I can't imagine you do. (Example to look at would be pretty much ANY early access game on steam, look at PUBG, it's a massive game, big studio behind it, a lot of money in the pocket, and still it takes them a very long time to "fix" their game. Even now in V1.0 it's not that great)
  6. Soo many frames issues SSLI config

    @malvizi0 Currently the game is not really optimized so you will most likely see performance that is worse then what you expect. Your cpu should be more then fine, not that old, mine is the i5 3570k and that holds up just fine. For your GPU's, I believe that unity doesn't really support SLI, or it depends on the implementation ( I think they stated before that it's not in atm). I would suggest you try running the game with SLI disabled to see if you see any performance increase. I run on older hardware with around 40-50fps on customs, 60fps on factory and 40-50fps on woods at 1440p, all low.
  7. Beta Feedback after 2 Weeks

    Customization is coming, we will have something to destinguish ourselfs when in squads, armbands or something similar. For the alternate loading of shells, I haven't seen anything mentioned about this so far for the pumpaction shotguns. I do know that you can do so manually before going into a raid (inspect the gun when in your stash, pull out the mag and load what you want). You can do so for all weapons and ammo types, I used to put 2 tracer rounds for every 10 shots for the AK's, or have the last 10 rounds be tracers so you get a visual when you are about to run out of rounds. Just for coolfactor, when in a raid with any gun, inspect the gun, scroll to the right and take the round that is loaded in the chaimber out, then make sure to go out of the menu quickly and look at the sweet animation that follows. (Some guns, not sure which exactly, you will need to pull out the magazine first.) So if you have a Saiga shotgun you could have 2 magazines with you, 1 with buckshot and 1 with slugs, then when you want to switch, pull out the mag, eject the shell with above method and insert the desired mag.
  8. Ooh yeah completely forgot she sold those now. Hope people get the quest eventually to restore rep with her. That quest is a pain anyway though I mean I haven't found half the keys you are supposed to give her anyway. And if you do, they are so valuable it just hurts giving them away.
  9. I remember that a couple patches ago I would get the quest to make it up to her a few days after the initial betrayal. So maibe wait a couple of days to see if you get it. The therapist is quite useless anyways imo. Meds can be bought from other traders, like grizly and ifak.
  10. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Well if you don't get lucky with the 7day trial key, then don't worry. The open beta is around the corner so that will be your time to shine.
  11. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the newbies on customs yesterday, I do want to thank you all for bringing your best guns in when you didn't seem to have a clue on what you were doing with them. I started off in the back near the double loot crates, jumped on the roof of the garages and proceeded to stroll around. Found my first two victoms near the fuel truck in the back, 1 of you had just a pistol and the other a mpx without any armor or even a bag, I don't know why but thank you I guess. I then heard some shots towards the far right of the traintracks so I headed there. I was greeted by someone with an mp5 that was running from the fight and probably tried to get in cover to heal, too bad I spotted him first and got a clean 1 tap to the face. Then I slowly walked up through the truckstop to find what he was running from, I waited to hear anyone move up on the corpse but then they started shooting at each other again, I jumped on top of the truck trailer to see what was going on. I found 2 guys on either side of the train tracks shooting at each other, not doing too much it seemed and I just 1 tap both of them in the head. That's 5 man down already and I haven't even left the spawn. I waited a little to see if there was another guy in either of the two squads or if that was all. I didn't hear or see anyone close by so I went in for the loot. Found 2 mp5's with supressors, the new giant pelgrim backpack, some paca's and the softer armor, headphones, alpha rig and plenty of bullets. I quickly put on the headphones, and glad that I did, cause I head someone rusteling in the bushes, snuck over and yes there was the last guy. He looked scared, just sitting there with his back against the wall, holding his aku and not moving an inc, I just had to put him out of his misery. At this point I had only used 15 rounds to kill 6 players, it just doesn't get much simpler then that I feel like. And that kids, is how I got the easiest time of looting some sweet guns in a long while.
  12. Constantly having to reinsure kit

    When they launched the insurance system it stated that items were only insured for 1 raid at a time, this didn't work that way before obviously but that was what it said in the patchnotes IIRC. I do feel like insurance was too cheap to last untill you lost it, it should be a risk reward kinda situation where it's not really viable to insure everything every single raid if you live most of the time.
  13. Anyway to know my network ping ms?

    Don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure the gameUpd is a good representation of desync, whenever I see that turn to orange or even red numbers the desync starts getting very noticable. If your game is running at a low fps that can also have an impact on latency in general. I don't have a screenshot of the newly added lines and I can't remember all but if you see very little packets coming in or going out that can very well be a network problem related to your own isp or modem. It's always worth a shot to reset your modem from time to time to 'unclog' it. I do this about every month and most of the times it does help.
  14. Anyway to know my network ping ms?

    Server stability can be an issue at times, this has really improved for me with the latest patch on EU however I hear very mixed signals from everyone. What you can do is turn on the performance overlay in game, you do this by opening the console with "~" key and enter "fps 1" This will show you a lot of stats, it is a good indication of the server and your pc performance.
  15. This "pain-system" is killing me

    Dehydration alone is enough to kill you, I have had raid when I got shot in the stumache, had it blown out completely and died within 2 minutes from dehydration. Having your stumach blown out really speeds up dehydration but with one still intact you can still die from it. It will just take a lot longer, probly 30+ minutes, then you will get light headed and die eventually. The bleeding part is a bit strange though, could be silent / glitched shots from far away perhaps.