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  1. I was thinking if it would be a cool element to add into the game. in the current state of the game youre always shouldering your rifle or pistol. I was thinking it would be cool to have to shoulder your weapon to get decent shots and then ADS to get the best accuracy. You could still shoot your rifle when not shouldering it just wouldn't be as accurate as it would be if it was shouldered or ADS. Along with that I think it would be interesting if they added a fatigue system to shouldering your weapon. Cus holding an AK or M4 really wears you down after continuous shouldering. Anybody think this is a cool idea? Here is a link to the Reddit post:
  2. The Scavs: Pashutin armed group

    The money is ours Pashutin, BEAR BOYS coming for you.
  3. Weapon Companies Thread

    Please put in the Valmet m76, such a sexy gun that begs to be in the game Surplus Miltary Rifle of the Finnish. Made by Valmet