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  1. ** Server Matching Times

    Brilliant news !!!
  2. Quest system - crazy

    Work it out for yourselves. Don't rob yourself the joy of working out where it is
  3. Offline with friends

    Nah it's for the realism. IRL you wouldn't know what you are stepping into
  4. bad sound engine..

    You know there is 2 stages to beta? Closed and open. We have really only just entered closed beta so just chill man it will all be sorted
  5. Countercheating measures

    This was desync.
  6. Beta Key Giveaway - Best EFT Meme

    This was fun
  7. Update?

    I have no clue what you guys are saying. Are you speaking English?
  8. Olloch's win the day giveaway

    Might as well... Plus I love this photo of Zorro (my cat)
  9. If you don't like the raids Or you find then boring this game probably isn't for you....
  10. Gamma container questions

    I bought the EOD edition because I like this project and I wanted to support the devs the best I could.
  11. Closed Beta will start in July!

    This is shocking! If you say you are going to announce patch notes you make sure those patch notes are ready!!!!
  12. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Come on guys...
  13. Bans for cheating

    Bye bye hackers/cheaters
  14. Lose of gear (will limit the game)

    Man I love jumping into a raid I'm doing full well I may walk away with a load of loot or lose everything I have on me. I love that concept!!!