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  1. ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!

    mate,we can debate the whole night here.... is it normal to u to get a headshot from a makarov behind a wall trough a helmet? now serious?????
  2. ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!

    mate my friend just picked my helmet it was on 37, something...... no this is really an issue right now because there is no point wearing armor and i did say it was trough a wall..... i mean cmon,i love Tarkov but this things are seriously damaging the expirience badly
  3. ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!

    how can it be that a Makarov can kill me with one shoot trough a wall while im full geared with helmet fort armor and everything??????/ FFS can u please fix this poo because it makes people rage and leave the game as well,this is gamebreaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. cant sell the new pp-19

    every time i want to sell the new smg none of th traders will buy it,the chamber is empty,i even removed the mag and all bullets from it,but no one wants to buy it
  5. my gun WAS on full auto,and when an enemy came and ambushed me my gun switchet to semi and he ofc killed me,not to mention the fps drop the skier fort armor quest is really really aids,a helmet and an fort armor,u need to change that asap because there is no logic to bring him an FA and helmet to get an paca i mean wtf
  6. J.A.C clan

    J.A.C clan is searching for people from the balkans to join,you need to know english and usually play after 20h CET,please be 25+ in age Thanks
  7. server PING indicator

    well it is important because the PING indicator will show us the health of the server and our connection to it so idk how that isnt really important in an online game mate
  8. server PING indicator

    puting a server ping indicator (like battlefield 1 has) would gretly improve the game because we would know when something is wrong and that we are in a dsync
  9. FPS drop problems when shot at

    since the start of the beta as soon as someone shoots at you,the fps drops to 20-30 fps max,this is a major problem because the AI can one tap you while your PC freezes..... CPU intel i5 4690k 4,5Ghz Gigaybte G1 GTX 970 16Gb Ram game is on an 7200rpm HD (alone) playing at medium 1080p without hdr ssao and vsync
  10. basically here is what happens,we can not know what kind of servers we are running in and loosing good gear because of dsync isnt fun at all,if u can not manage the EU servers in midnight CET what will happend next? we already have yet an other infection of cheaterts flying around,yet no method to report them and to know did devs took any action!! if u want a nice example of an looter/shooter that lost all its playerbase (the good old one) just look at The Division and what it became,if u want that to be the new tarkov then okay give us our money back and adio,otherwise take actions please
  11. Cheater/Hacker/Noclipper

    this is basically whats happening all the time but thanx god this guy had it on record otherwhise we would hear the usuall Dsync things from the devs
  12. Identifying Semi-/fullauto

    we really need something to know when we have full auto or semi auto because as it is now we cant basicall see
  13. BETA player problem

    my problem is the following... you are leting people who are lvl 30-40 play with us beta noobs and they r shooting us with their snipers because they know how and where to find them... that aint okay at all,let us noobs play together and level up and then match us with those players who play for months... i really want a response to this because i have had enough of being shot by snipers
  14. Weapon Companies Thread

    i would really like to see an MP7 and an MK12 rifle... beside that some LMGs would be really nice as well