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  1. Sothasil

    Trader Money Glitching

    If you BUY a SINGLE item it also displays right
  2. Sothasil

    What do You do After Many Failed Raids?

    I often play the whole "use what you find" thing after too many losses. It's quite fun actually, go in with nothing, kill a scav and take his gun, go from there. I feel like this works even better alone, because you don't have to feel guilty for not bringing in gear, you don't have to "keep up". This also makes you a ton of money quickly
  3. Sothasil

    What happened to the experience system ?

    This wouldn't explain why you sometimes get no XP at all for kills
  4. Sothasil

    What happened to the experience system ?

    You sometimes also don't get any XP rewarded for kills. The kills are listed in the statistics for the round, but no XP at the end. This seems to be completely random if you get XP or not. Doesn't seem like a change, but rather a bug to me, but it's definetely not clear.