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  1. solitaire

    Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    Can't waiiiit
  2. solitaire

    Storage key

    I just found it under the desk, the spawn rate seems to be low
  3. solitaire

    LOL Saiga gets owned.. is this real? lol

    Something is wrong with the saiga. I died the same way yesterday
  4. solitaire

    Storage key

    Hi. I can read everywhere and see in some videos that this key spawns under the desk on the locked room in the customs gas station. It opens the other locked room with the medical bag in the gas station. After checking several dozens of times I could not find the key at this location or anywhere else. Need help and hope this topic benefits other people
  5. solitaire

    Factory key spawns

    I found this key nowhere. I just want to talk about the factory key itself
  6. solitaire

    Anyone else not getting certain keys?

    I can find the 303 easily too. I found a 206 key on a scav
  7. solitaire

    Factory key spawns

    I'm tired to talk about that and even more to spend DAYS on this game to try to loot this key at each reset, so I just want to know what do you think about that. Should the factory key be SO rare and hard to find ? I mean, of course it is an important key, but everybody who wants to complete the traders tasks need it.
  8. solitaire

    What happened to the experience system ?

    Thank you all for your replies
  9. A lot of people complain about the fact that we have too much meds to carry during a raid. There is a lot of solutions that we can argue together. As you know a bullet can cause multiple different injuries at the same time (fracture, bloodloss...), so when you re hit by multiple shots, it takes a lot of time and a lot of meds to heal, it is like if you are already dead most of the time. I think that changing the maximum use of meds at the same time from 1 to 2 would be an excellent idea and would increase the chances to save a severely affected body part ! It would always be a slow healing, but not as much as now. To carry a lot of meds also takes a lot of space in the inventory, why not to make medkits like IFAKs, Cars or Selawa easier to loot, trade or buy ? That's only some suppositions we can discuss
  10. The medical system is pretty boring now. I agree that healing with 10 different meds at the same time is not a good idea but we have to find a better balance
  11. I'm not sure if I'm the first to report this "bug", but I just killed 5 scavs and and I have not received any xp. Also sometimes the xp gained by killing scavs or players varies depending on the raids, sometimes I gained much more xp by dying than managing to extract ! what the hell ? Leveling up is so slow that the game has become more boring than ever and I'm not talking about the ton of other bugs that make you crazy. So please do something
  12. solitaire


    I agree with him
  13. I have 16Go DDR4 and I had freezes. Now it's ok
  14. solitaire

    Patch 0.4.*** - patch note préliminaire

    Merci !