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  1. im computer tech and you need to have 25 % free space for have a good HDD performance
  2. The Oceania server started!

    just add region where we can choose where we want to play that it like us server etc
  3. Desyncing Warning icon

    @Blackb1rd its look a good idea i think icon when we desync for knowing what happens can you share it to the Dev staff @SabreOne
  4. Quebec Vicious PvP

  5. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    repair desync for have a good game and maybe talk about quest after
  6. i think its bad idea you gave chance to people of just dont care the rule anyway in all game we have guys dont care rule soo we live with it
  7. Betasitting!

    Have a nice CBT start boysssss congratsss
  8. La Beta Fermée commencera en Juillet !

    non a cause quon jou sur des server situer a miami et dfois jai pinger pis on jourais carement en russie lol prochainement on va spawner emsemble pour les gens qui fon un groupe
  9. La Beta Fermée commencera en Juillet !

    le jour ou il aura pu de desync sava etre le gros fun noir
  10. What folder is the game installation in

    you need to instal it in a new folder and after your instalation you remove the old alpha version ! have fun
  11. What do you find funny?

    sorry boss ... @Natalino
  12. What do you find funny?

    @kaeso12 Me and my friend find a russian community doing something strange AHAHAHAH