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  1. Trial Key Contest - Create an EFT Character

    (I am doing this for a friend to try the game with me. If that is not acceptable that is okay, as I find this game interesting either way and this was fun) A diary driver. Could you believe it? It's been four years and I can't even remember what driving is like. All on foot now. Deliveries are different of course, standard painkillers and medical equipment. You'd have to be stupid to go alone. You would get killed. So we move in groups. Heavily armed with what we can find and what is provided to us. Everyone living in this world now is working for someone. Some for drugs, some for weapons. Me? I have a son. We were semi-lucky of course. In a hunting lodge with several hidden compartments. We lived safely for a while, the guy we found dead was a prepper. Some Nazi Zombie bull-crap. He had food for years, and my son is still there. Yet, I am out here risking my life with these other savages. These are not people you know.. Saw one swallow gunpowder just to scare others, another playing Russian roulette for a MRE we scavenged. Ruined a perfectly nice picture hanging in the apartment. Shame. Right, I work for medicine. My son. Diabetic. I work for insulin. Although it is plentiful at the clinic I work, it is not cheap. I work for a dose daily, never being able to see him much, once a week maybe. He is loved, and he does not understand the way of the world now, but he will. We raid nights only. We lose a good four men out of a six man squad every time. Addicts that can't watch their steps. Don't see mines or understand that the smallest misstep can mean being ambushed. Again though. I have a son. I work nights, all nights. I sleep with the Clinics men guarding me because I do good work. I make good hauls and I keep men alive. Although my path is through the minefields and scavengers, I avail myself of no dangers. I will bring life to those alive, no matter the state of the world. I have a son. *Found in a notepad in a pile of six bodies*
  2. insane response time hackers or npc?

    I was surprised at this as well. Those are the AI, Scavs. The developers belief that sort of thing can happen in real life (Instant reflexes) so it would be realistic to have it in game. While I understand your point I believe that the only people truly affected by the reaction time of the SCAVVs are the CoD style players, run and gun. Try sneaking, they have never done that while I've attempted being stealthy.
  3. I am wondering if there are going to be ban waves for exploiters as well as the cheaters/hackers. They are both a massive annoyance. I am talking about the people who use the pistol glitch to permanently have their pistol as a usable weapon in their Gamma cases. Also the pistol exploit where they can use 84-round mags and keep them in gamma containers. Also the people who are exploiting the SMG with infinite rounds in Gamma container.
  4. Surge4332#3785 I'd love to join up, I'm still newer but would welcome the challenge!