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  1. low fps after latest launcher update

    well im running amd r9 390 i have like a this problem.
  2. Official Trading Thread

    WTB Storage key, 303 key, 3 gas analiser, WTS 2 factory keys, 2 checkpoint keys, 4 pistol cases.
  3. New MP5 Mod Shipment Incoming!

  4. Weapon Companies Thread

    dat stotgun.
  5. Quest Mega Thread

    Where is prapor 5. quest location and which key ? my english not good plz upload picture
  6. Skier quest...

    play safe. everyone want kill you.
  7. Skier quest...

    dont worry bro. kill scavs, everything on/in scavs
  8. Docs case

    konu silinebilir.
  9. Official Trading Thread

    buy = gdesk key
  10. 5-Man Teams

    Balanced ? This game dont need balace. You guys dont get it. This is HARDCORE game. No kid games.
  11. Best Graphic Settings/Re-Shade Settings?

    re-shade legal ?
  12. 5-Man Teams

    1: Is your equipment important? 2: The pleasure you get from your game? 3: challenge a team of 5 people? 4: is it scared of a team of 5? 5: only playing for making money and getting stuff? if your answers yes for 1-4-5 you are not a player of this game. I everytime said like this : Instead of adapting the game to yourself, adapt yourselves to the game.
  13. 5-Man Teams

    If their communications is not good, you can kill them all. I like this style games. Not balanced, hardcore, and good pvp's.
  14. Tired of 180's Ai..

    1. dont rush. 2. try to sneak. 3. try to headshot with slienced weapon. my way like this.
  15. Official Trading Thread

    i want buy.