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    awesome, thx!
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    Hello and thanks for reading. A few friends and I have founded an amazing gaming community called Sherpa Cartel, we are 500+ members strong and growing daily (server details below). We currently have our gaming focus toward EFT and other survival games within the genre. Our community focus is to create a non-toxic environment that aims at helping and guiding new players. We have a lot of really skilled players willing to lead and a devoted server staff that works hard to deliver a quality environment. We have zero restrictions when joining our community and welcome all gamers to join the fam. > Name: Sherpa Cartel > Region: USA, Canada, Australia , Europe > Languages: English (willing to integrate other language voice channels.) > Requirements: Currently there are no restrictions from joining the server. We welcome all gamers to join. > Link: https://discord.gg/ZWqSx6G