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  1. smallgreenant

    This game is not fun in its current state. I quit

    Right... I got you, fam. The literary device you are confused about is called a rhetorical question. It is often used to either confirm or challenge an argument or counter-point by acknowledging the preceding statement or thought without directly referencing it but instead providing a broader point framed as an obviously answerable question. Rhetorical questions are not meant to verbally elicit answers as the answer is generally universally known or agreed upon. These can be general statements or even colloquial metaphors such as the one I will provide below: Example Proceeding question: "Would you like to come over later to Netflix and chill?" Rhetorical question as an answer: "Does a bear poo in the woods?" (Often times, yes) In this specific instance, the game's poor stability or its inability to combat hacking both find their fault or origin in the argument provided by the OP's title of the thread, which is lamenting about the game's current state. The post I responded to provided what seems like a counter-point that the OP's provided example of game play being worsened because of hacking by stating sometimes this is possibly due to stability. This, I felt, did nothing to dissolve the universal cause. In laymen's terms, I am otherwise replying to that post with: "You may have a valid contribution to an alternative tertiary cause for the OP's frustration, but the state of the game is still the root cause and your contribution does nothing to alleviate said frustration." Bringing it all home: Person 1: "This game currently sucks. It's buggy and there are a ton of hackers." Person 2: "You cry hacks when it's really the game's poor coding" Person 3: "Does that make it any better?" <- The rhetorical question if you didn't spot it. The silent answer a rhetorical question causes you to provide: [No.] Glad I could help.
  2. smallgreenant

    Bullet Proof players ?

    Yeah man, a fair bit are either toxic or burnt out.
  3. smallgreenant

    Bullet Proof players ?

    Without getting into it, you have to physically do something to accomplish it. If you run into someone who is invincible specifically in that spot of factory, it's because they are exploiting the glitch.
  4. smallgreenant

    Bullet Proof players ?

    There is a documented exploit at the public exit of dorms that allows immature cucks to become invincible. One day it might be fixed.
  5. smallgreenant


    To be fair, they could have just the dankest anti-cheat, but if the bans are delayed, you won't feel it.
  6. smallgreenant

    interchange extracts

    When you're camping the 1 of 2 'fatal funnel' exits on one of the highest loot spawn maps:
  7. smallgreenant

    State of the network after latest patch

    I honestly have to constantly adjust my game play to compensate for the lag and desync issues. You will likely have to do the same.
  8. smallgreenant

    Just watch the Video #Admins

    So that's a legitimate Russian streamer from what I can gather and you clearly aren't very experienced in the game. You spent 90%of the video in your inventory dragging items even after your squad mate died right next to you. CTRL+Lmouse puts items in your inventory, ALT+Lmouse equips items, always place health items in your hotbar then press the corresponding hotkey. Aside from that, you both also placed yourself on an elevated, silhouetted enfilade. The top of that building which has no incredibly effective cover or concealment is basically a death trap. You were also exposed to two other rooftops if anyone had decided to push the attack there. Your final frames takes it takes you over three seconds to emerge from cover and place a single rather inaccurate shot that misses. This enemy had significant time to aim down sights and had already taken one of you so he was likely already sighted in. I'm quite positive that there are constant incidents of hacking in this game but that just didn't appear conclusive. Also, calling out the admins to come look at you break a forum rule is just... Well it isn't strategic, let's say that.
  9. smallgreenant

    drop items..you can't pick up again?

    Happens all the time. Go to trade with someone and the item can't be picked up or falls through the Earth. I dunno man.
  10. smallgreenant

    Post censoring, moving to subreddit

    Not to be argumentative but the most quoted rule in suppressing discussion is a loosely worded suggestion to use the search function. Comparatively, the following is clearly stated: Users are also prohibited to: insult in any way Moderators, Users, Administrators, employees of the Company, owners of the Game, and any third party; criticize the actions of the Administration and Moderators relating to the Forum governance, unless in designated Forum sections. A listed possible official response to such actions include locking a thread. Again, not being a jerk, I just want my fellow community members to be correctly informed that such behaviors are listed as not being condoned and can lead to official action and the verbiage I utilized, being critical of, is is a clear conjugation of criticize which is what your rules literally prohibit.
  11. smallgreenant

    Post censoring, moving to subreddit

    #locked Reason: being critical of moderators. Scratch that, deleted.
  12. smallgreenant

    Please read this

    I want to understand...
  13. smallgreenant

    Thermal scopes should be removed.

    Unlike in the movie Predator where thermal vision was OP as duck, you don't get the added bonus of invisibility and head tracking shoulder cannons, which I think was a smart decision by the Devs.