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  1. Warslach

    Abuse reports!

    Don't mean to be insensitive but they're just names anyway. Instead of trying to find countermeasures to petty things like bad usernames they could instead be fixing the game.
  2. Warslach

    why bother

    Taking a break works, especially from tarkov since there are wipes anyway so there aren't consequences for not playing (For instance falling behind other players), just skip a wipe and come back. Things can only improve in future patches.
  3. Warslach

    Klean, maby the worst PR i have ever seen for a game

    I think he's a good bloke with good intentions but he comes off as rude and obnoxious when answering his viewers a lot of the time. Just a few examples: I saw one player voice their concern over the time it takes to reload magazines and klean got visibly agitated that somebody was complaining about it, even when they were just voicing their opinion about a topic they have little knowledge. Another time I asked about their plans for the blacked limbs (Back when taking one damage to a blackened limbs could instantly kill you) and he started angrily rambling about how getting shot in the legs actually works. Even if a PR representative doesn't like what is being said, they should always be kind, making sure the community holds a clean image of the game and it's player base. This isn't to defame Klean because I think he's a good guy, however, the way he handles viewers and potential buyers of the game is deterring.
  4. Warslach

    New players

    Character name Warslach Description Yes. His past He has over 300 confirmed kills. How did he get to Tarkov? He flew. Predilections Robotics / Computers. Friends None. Wounds, and battles Many. Aspirations Living. The greatest achievement that character did 300 confirmed kills? Strength 26 Endurance 25 Accuracy 29 Engineer
  5. Warslach

    Quest Mega Thread

    Do you still lose a lot of reputation in the other traders for doing chemical p.4 or choosing to do that quest for prapor instead (I know you used to lose a lot of reputation with the other traders depending on who you choose to do the quest for). I am wondering if it is still the same way?
  6. Warslach

    Oceanic Server Factory Loading Times

    Yeah it's not the playerbase... After about 3pm too anywhere between 10pm and 2am AEST no matter how long you wait matching in lobby you will likely never find a raid. And this is the time the OCE servers should be most active. It's the servers problem, not ours. The patch the other day fixed it for about 2 hours.
  7. Warslach

    Oceanic Servers for Australia and New Zealand

    Still no developer information?
  8. Warslach

    Oceanic Servers for Australia and New Zealand

    The developers said we would be getting it in beta and the fact they released closed beta without it, is an absolute disgrace / insult to anyone playing in OCE (Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia included). People have been complaining about this for months and months and months and none of the developers say a word other then one who said we would be getting it in beta. Desync is the games biggest problem and if I see 'soon' one more time I am going to lose my s***. At the moment the developers care factor definitely does feel non existent which is pretty shameful from a buyers perspective.
  9. Warslach

    The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    Wasn't the first wave released days ago?
  10. Warslach

    Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    So basically we just got a list of un-sureities and "Maybe" just days out from when alpha was promised... Not looking good. And they didn't even answer the most asked question, when will we be getting oceanic servers.
  11. Warslach

    Looking for:

    Good concept but a little bit silly seeing as there will be a wipe very soon. I could see this being obsolete when the black market is added to the game during the beta release however.
  12. If you watch kotton's daily tarkov streams, he rarely holds down his sights unless playing on woods or customs where he needs to make a 100 - 200m shot. I don't hold down my sights at short range either, it costs stamina to hold down the sights and isn't anymore accurate unless you don't know where the middle of your screen is. Just go into an offline raid, shoot at a wooden door and then memorise where the bullets go because that's the middle of your screen.
  13. This is just stupid... yes there should be more recoil but just because you have a weapon against your shoulder and you aren't looking down the sight doesn't make the weapon suddenly less accurate...
  14. Warslach

    Kotton's Noscoping Spree.

    You can also buy them off one of the traders (I can't remember which) but it sells out super fast.
  15. Warslach

    Kotton's Noscoping Spree.

    Nor does he even have a press account, haha.