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  1. 7 day gift

    cancan check your inbox messages lets talk there
  2. 7 day gift

    @cancan1203 thanks for the help.we were actually on the forums paged logged in and not the main page to where the promo and other details were.i did send him the key and hes downloading it.thanks again for the help.also,u seem like a good thinking of gifting you my other key,but I just want to make sure you don't actually have the game and are just trying to get a key for a friend.
  3. 7 day gift

    no! go ask your mommy or daddy.this post wasn't meant for beggers like yourself.
  4. 7 day gift

    lol @kiddo perhaps mature a little and learn to ask for something in a proper manner.boi
  5. 7 day gift

    nice boi lol
  6. 7 day gift

    no wonder u don't have the game lol
  7. 7 day gift

    hello I'm about to gift my friend one of my 7 day passes.besides giving him the key how does he go about activating it getting the launcher etc.any help is appreciated!thank-you!
  8. Black Friday sale

    Hello EFT community! today,I just have a question regarding the upcoming Black Friday sale along with purchases for friends as (gifts). At the moment buying (gifts)4 copies (standard edition) comes with a 20% discount.i was wondering when the actual sale discount starts will the additional 25% off be added on top of the regular 20% for the 4 pack bundle discount for a total of 45%? any help for a better understanding is appreciated! thank-you
  9. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Alright!!! I might have to buy a couple copies for my friends!!! good job Devs!!!!!!
  10. What headsets do you guys use in EFT

    They are technically only a "stereo headset" but I have purchased a Sennheiser 3DM1 adapter that I guess as you mentioned "emulates" 7.1 sound..3D G4ME 1 Dolby 7.1 USB adapter to produce the 7.1 surround sound.perhaps not true 7.1 but it does the job!
  11. What headsets do you guys use in EFT

    I'm not sure what trouble you have experienced with your game ones,but I have never had a better sounding headset.from the sound quality to comfort I couldn't have asked for anything else.the option for surround sound if wanted and so not sure if this is a marketing post for earbuds,but I'm not sure if I would ever use these for gaming let alone having them hurt my ears for hours on end.everyones different I guess.
  12. What headsets do you guys use in EFT

    The game ones do come with surround sound.but to get the surround sound you need to buy the sound card adapter separate.3Dm1 I believe.i know this because I own them.i can definitely hear the difference when switched on,but I rarely use that feature.
  13. Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Exciting news indeed!!! Thank-you Devs!
  14. Random Battle Buddies

    Being new to the game myself,I can definitely relate to this.the first time I seen the wiggle or dance is what I was informed it was from another game,obviously,I knew it was another player letting me know he was a real player and possibly friendly...i find myself doing the dance all the time now and although the other person would do it as well,I've often fell victim to vicious backstabbing and they killed me.i was actually watching a guy loot a box and when he finished and seen me he freaked out and starting to hack away at me until I died.i should've just killed him when I had the chance,but Sometimes I'm just to nice.that's ok though,it's not the first time my friendly personality has gotten me killed in games.really enjoying this game!
  15. The Shoreline Location

    This looks amazing!!!! Good job!