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  1. Exeagle

    Patch time?

    well its 1pm 18th here but they normally do it late tonight tomorrow morning.. if i remember correctly everytime i patch just hits they normally run into issue's anyway by the time i wake up they'd already sorted it out.. considering there small hotfix broke the game and they had to roll it back the other day i wonder what gonna happen when the patch hits lol i can see a few hot fixes coming up in the next coming days but hopefully its a solid patch non the less..
  2. Exeagle

    Game needs to do level'd matchmaking

    there are plently of streamers who have completed this game time and time again doing nomad challanges (the most hard core way they can come up with ) with just pistols or just scav gear.. going up againts people in full gear time and time again. but its been said over and over again there will be no balance and there will be zero match making but only to put people in same server region together and throwing you in the raid and that's it.. go look up nomad challanges from streamers they have completed the game over over again some giving them self's the biggest handi cap they can come up with.. and they have no problem getting to max level and doing all the quest i mean its harder for them sure but they get there.. its about playing smart don't just engage someone when you see them ambush them, follow them wait for them to loot someone or do something and aim for there weak points.. use the right ammo.. aim for face hit box.. i don't have problems killing geared players i like to ambush them while there looting with a couple flashes at there feet they can't see i then do whatever i feel like if there wearing a face sheild i shoot there legs (depending on the face covers or whatever) but 7.62 PS rounds can go through face shields lower tier ones anyway its all about timing.. don't be afraid to run away and fight another time... Remember if you can 2 shot a geared guy in the legs his on borrowed time now he has to rely on pain killers he can't run much without hurting himself he has to leave its a matter of time, you can back off go set up an ambush spot at extraction or something when he comes running and he will he will not only be out of stamina if you ambush him right he will be to focused on getting the hell out of there and dealing with scavs at extraction you have a couple flash bangs and time it right (after practice) you can ruin his day... yea you'd have to aim for his legs but its whatever right now.. there are ways to win a fight with people in full gear i do it all the time with just buckshot just an example i lure the geard guys right to me force him to come to me ( i see dead bodies i see a door open i hear someone in the bathroom i shut it (since his geared he thinks his superman so he pushes) then i waste them right into the legs.. i do this all the time ^ i know my stronge point is CQC shotgun blast to the legs.. i know if i keep it at range i will lose.. so i always lure my pray to me and use there biggest weak points.. use factory to get yourself some nice gear and then go do whatever you want.. you get free shotguns from scav runs... this is where i got my gear for this raid.. besides putting on a red dot and a choke.. i could of flash banged this guy to as he opened the door.. you don't the best gear to win.. sure it helps on other maps but you just have to use what you have to your advantage
  3. you also need to remember grass and foiliage doesn't render far at all, all games like Arma 3 and most other shooters cant render foliage at distances its to taxing on performances not 1 game today has come up with a solution only 1 game has to date and thats the new game called scum but instead of having foliage and grass across the entire map they go by what your character your playing as can see so say there grass in front of him (your character) and there a guy a mile out laying in grass your not gonna see him his invisible to your eyes its not until the character your playing can actually see him as if he had his own eyes this is the only solution they come up with meaning in scum you can have a guy crawl through long grass the entire way far out where normally you'd see him in other game and have 0 foilage around him meanwhile on his screen your covered and think your ninja and what not.. but in scum your invisible to other players literally while crawling through grass no matter how hard you look at your screen you won't see him unless you character can realistically see him.. (there skills in that game for awareness and what) i think its an interesting appoch to complicated problem having foliage and grass rendered across the entire map you would have 0 FPS no game to date can do it Arma 3 you get a sniper scope and aim and you see some guy laying in the middle of no where on flat ground.. but on his screen his covered by grass When it comes to tarkov.. grass and bushes don't render to far.. on your sceen you may think your fine but on the other guy screen who aiming at you with a pso scope he doesn't see a bush or anything i think solid tree's will still be there but your best bet is to stick to trees or building at least then they don't vanish here how scum does there grass and foilage I start it at the right time in the video but you can see its an interesting system it would deffs make tarkov extremly hard core lmao but this is the best and the first game dev they came up with to solve the foliage issue so far
  4. Exeagle

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    congrats on the achievement C: lets hope them guys with almost 10k post don't comment
  5. bump I swear i was about to go insane i thought dam people kept beating me to the crash site but then i thought no way i was so late into the wipe.. so i decided to look it up and thank god, i did so much running and rage quit it wasn't funny lol game was totts trolling me.. so yea guys lay down and look up its on the ceiling inside the plane
  6. Exeagle

    Face hit box

    face hit boxes are the best thing that ever happen to tarkov, i just take out a makrov on factory run around and 1 tap people in the facebox thanks for the gear if i end up dieing i only wasted 4k mean while they lose 200ks whatever in gear its so much fun lmao being a CS GO player back in the day aiming for the head is natural for people who played it we aim and practice to aim for the head (face box) learn to aim for the weak spot and stop worrying about real life and who aims for what this is a video game and we aim for head shots... i don't even take out gear unless i have a full covered helmet lol for now i just use a TT or a makrov and get me some loot then i use there loot for geared runs As for scav's they behave strange when wearing armor and a helmet together they either aim for legs if they miss 2 to 3 shots then instant head shot you dead..
  7. no helmet its happened off and on its random atm
  8. couple times today i was doing a run in factory and i heard a the only guy shooting full gear out in the middle some where then he was near normal extraction then back again while running full speed but he made 0 noise while running all over the place he was suddenly near exist but he happen to run all the way to where i was and i didn't hear a thing.. iv'e had couple people do this this in factory today and i dont know if there something wrong with my sound cause i can hear AI run away fine and make noise i just want to know if anyone else experienced anyone else running around and making no noise
  9. Exeagle

    Technical Update

    technical update is normally server side stuff, things to do with server etc that doesn't require an update... to fix glitches etc they'd need to do a patch..
  10. Exeagle

    Will that new WW3 game discourage battlestate games?

    I just watched a trailer it looks like battle field with cod kill streaks.. Team death match... How can you compare tarkov to that lol
  11. Exeagle

    Will that new WW3 game discourage battlestate games?

    If tarkov didn't have a the issues it has it would be the best game to date I have yet to see such amazing action and gun play in any video game yet.. It's on a hole noter level all them triple A devs need to step up there game..
  12. just leave the game simple as that..
  13. Exeagle

    Helmets OP?

    you need to level up the trader Prapor when you get to lvl 2 Use the PRS rounds i have 1-2 shot people in the head all day with theses rounds without an issue at all unless there using the new helmet once you get to prapor level 3 start using PP if your fast enough on the refresh grab the BP ammo instead they will both penetrate basic helmets in 1 shot (if there no lag) PP and RPS rounds should also 1 to 2 tap people in the kiver helmets as well BP ammo will 1 tap the helmet.. (it should but just keep shooting the head anyway lol) once you get to tier 4 try grabbing the BS ammo but its rare and hard to get this ammo will 2 shot the new helmets and kill fort in seconds BUT does less dmg to people who ant wearing armour so people like to stick with a more balanced round that does heaps of body dmg and does enough to armour regardless aim for the head and its GG this game also has desync and lag and bullet hit registrations are also off abit they working on it..
  14. Exeagle

    The fabled factory key

    it makes farming on factory much safer and easier to escape instead of having to run to the exit people like to sit around etc you can just go under ground and escape with people gear much less chance of dieing