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  1. just leave the game simple as that..
  2. Helmets OP?

    you need to level up the trader Prapor when you get to lvl 2 Use the PRS rounds i have 1-2 shot people in the head all day with theses rounds without an issue at all unless there using the new helmet once you get to prapor level 3 start using PP if your fast enough on the refresh grab the BP ammo instead they will both penetrate basic helmets in 1 shot (if there no lag) PP and RPS rounds should also 1 to 2 tap people in the kiver helmets as well BP ammo will 1 tap the helmet.. (it should but just keep shooting the head anyway lol) once you get to tier 4 try grabbing the BS ammo but its rare and hard to get this ammo will 2 shot the new helmets and kill fort in seconds BUT does less dmg to people who ant wearing armour so people like to stick with a more balanced round that does heaps of body dmg and does enough to armour regardless aim for the head and its GG this game also has desync and lag and bullet hit registrations are also off abit they working on it..
  3. The fabled factory key

    it makes farming on factory much safer and easier to escape instead of having to run to the exit people like to sit around etc you can just go under ground and escape with people gear much less chance of dieing
  4. alt tabbing in this game will cause problems you need to either go into the launcher settings and click window mode borderless.. or going into game and press right alt enter to go window mode here you can freely alt tab all you like and do other stuff..
  5. you die basically your body will just stand there and thats it counts as a loss you won't get nothing back on insurance etc nah you dont get anything back on insurance if you quit you need to die in game for that to happen..
  6. fully auto is always used if you know what attachments to use you can fully auto standing up with 0 recoil.. easy mode.. i myself know how to build an AK with BS ammo that doesn't move while standing up fully auto =GG obviously speaks for its self WAY TO EASY
  7. you need to understand even with armor once you unlock BS ammo you can 2 shot people in tier 4 helemts and then kill fort in 3 shots combine that with fully auto (witch hopefully gets buffed to the point fully auto is realistic and much harder to use..) you may as well stick with paca for the faster movement The amount of fort players iv'e killed while wearing just paca armour to none since unlocking the best ammo iv'e lost count even with lvl 3 BP and BT rounds armour doesn't help much if at all then you can even use PP round matter of fact every Assault rife round can 2 shot someone in paca people need to understand when starting out they need to learn how to adapt and tactical camp and take there time.. i see people all the time treat this like COD and run around and make so much noise that im able to set up an ambush and slam them its people play style they haven't adapted there to use to BF and COD (insert every other shooter here)
  8. i dont' see why everyone has such a problem with hatchet players i two shot them and move on without an issue its only the fools who don't buy a helmet from papor you can get a lvl 1 that you run into an issue hatchet players make me rich in dog tags ever since they gave us a helmet at lvl 1 prapor i haven't died to a hatchet player since..
  9. Skier Chemical P1 220 key

    found my keys in jackets/scav pockets/scav back packs...
  10. PayPal Refund?

    he will certainly get a refund but if it turns out he told lies his credit rating will take a small hit.. either way he agree'd to the TOS all BSG has to say is he accepted it.. and thats it will be denied unless he comes up with some BS story that someone else did it without his authorisation meaning telling porky pies lies.. BSG they could easily Screen shot this thread where he said he would have to file a false claim pretty much admitting to filing a false claim and again that would get a nice bad mark on his paypal account and will effect his future claims Thats if BSG bothered..
  11. PayPal Refund?

    whats his spec's ? you should list them.. unless your trying to play shorline (fps is all over the palce) then you shouldn't have an issue if its like my setup 1070/i7 6700k/16gb ram game works well on an SSD doesn't work well on a hard drive thats not 7200rpm (or so my friend says until he moved it to an SSD) if he has 8gb of ram then there his issue.. i wouldn't even try to play shoreline with 8gb of ram lol as for that this game still in development everyone has there own meaning of beta nowadays i would recommend just waiting until the game further developed its well worth the wait think of the game as an small investment you made and now you just wait until its done thats unless 100$ or whatever you paid for it.. maybe you don' t work.. or you got it for a birthday present and want something else and you don't hardly ever get money then whatever but if its not that big of a deal i suggest just waiting.. this game has huge potential and by the time its finished it will be an amazing game whats the point in going through all this trouble telling the bank some BS story doing a charge back getting banned on the forums for breaking TOS to maybe eventually coming back latter down the track to rebuy the game when it gets fully released but you cant since yo got ya self banned just wait man.. rome wasn't built in a day..
  12. Edge of Darkness question

    you get a starting of 0.20 on all traders meaning you can get instant level 2 IF you level up to the required level and have spent the cash requirement.. People will claim its some sort of pay2win some how even though by the time you level up to the required level and have spent the amount of cash everyone should have at least completed like 2 quest by then and have more rep anyway lol
  13. Is Gamma Panel Allowed?

    sounds like something you could use to see clearly at night without the use of NVG's.. There for i don't think it would be allowed.. one way to find out.. is to wait.. and see if a mod or dev comments
  14. so im looking for this hatchet guy thats playing games with me running around making me look like a fool chasing him around the merry go round thought id kill a scav then i started to hear this loud searching sound.. that actually sounded like it was coming from my right.. i was confused i was like wait a minute had a look thought something was way off then i realised it took a moment okay but i realised someone must of been in the room so i went off to have a look after i killed the poor bloke the sound still kept playing....