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  1. New Gear to come in future!

    holycrap! this looks wicked and i love it!
  2. bug report stuck in trade menu

    hello, first of all i would like to adress that i did not find a bug report section so i thought the best way to report it is in the dev section. i was in the trade menu, at fence to e exact, when i tried to examine a can i found out i couldnt research it, then i was unable to exit the trade mene and it sorta gave me a blank,(see screenshot) i hope i was of good service to the developers in reporting this bug. sincerely, dion van der velde.
  3. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    how about the ability to put ammo back into the ammo box? some ammo boxes have more storage than the max stack of the lose ammo for example the us 7.62.45. at the moment when you take the ammo out of the box, that box becomes a waste of space and no trader wants it, why not make it usefull.
  4. region lock issue

    i have noticed that the russian players in my region have a really bad connection and this is causing game breaking moments, please look into this.
  5. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    please help the main site it is going the road as chernobyl reactor 4 atm needs help asap
  6. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Copy that.
  7. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    I apreciate it anyway thanks lad
  8. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Blackbird, i pre ordered the game this year, but still die not receiver a mail. Could i get a aproximate time for hoe long it is going to take?
  9. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Preach IT my man!
  10. Extra informatie voor de Closed Beta test fase

    Super! Blij dat t niet lang meer zal duren. Kan niet wachten om te spelen
  11. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Oh yeah.... The hype is real!
  12. legit tactics and complaining about the use of them

    depennds on the equipment, see i can understand your point if the person whos camping uses a shotgun or assault rifle/smg however if you have a sniper rifle camping is just part of the role, you stay behind and take advantage of the range and support your team with intel.
  13. as most of you know camping is a huge taboo in the gaming community, however this is just securing a position and possibly scouting and feeding intel to your squad. snipers in real life are doing this on a scale you cant imagine or understand as the stereotype gamer. these people wait for the target some times days sometimes weeks or even longer, just to take that well aimed shot to take out that one guy everybody is trying to find. camping can also be done by a machine gunner. either to pin you down or as an arial denial strategy. if you use common sense you can easily flank these people instead of being mad. the last time i was playing heroes and generals as an infantry soldier with a scoped rifle my own team ran me over because i was "camping" this type of ignorance is really breaking the mood for me and i guess lots of other people that use strategies a common gamer doesnt use. so by creating this i hope there will be a time where more and more people will apreciate the fact that strategies are welcome in games as well.
  14. some suggestions involving the stash storage.

    after guestimating the measurements of a regular pistol ammo box the diameters will be aproximately 30cm x 15cm x 15cm. that could mean that it would take up 2 to 4 slots. but note these things are airtight and meant to store the ammunition in a larger quantity. usually still in the cardboard packages. i made these measurements based on the real object. the material is probably either tin or iron stamped. the rifle ammo cans (note ammo can is a slang term for ammo container) would be about the same measurements. however the 40mm cans are quite big, since they are usually stored on a belt because of the mk19 grenade launcher, these would be whider and a bit higher. but at the end, they are suited to store objects for a longer shelf life, for example, a 40mm ammo can can also store rifle ammo, either loose or packaged. the rifle can is also suite for a higher storage of pistol cartridges. the only downsize of the pistol ammo can is that due to the size it can only store smaller items.
  15. a question about the mg concept

    as ive read by one of the devs, belt fed machine guns are a tedious concept, However if you take a regular m4/ak carbine, attach a longer barrel, a possible grip,a bipod, a muzzle brake, and a beta mag (aka C-mag) this will be doable. same counts for the ak variants, just add a longer and heavier barrel a way to maintain the recoil and maybe a bipod plus a 75 round drum magazine it can be managed however ammo consumption is at the owners risk. further on i think it would be nice to add tracer rounds so you can split them into an amount of 5 load them into the magazine first and then standard ball ammo so you dont have to check your ammo during a firefight. i mean if you implement this idea tracers would be a nice addition. however tracers are already suggested is beyond me.