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  1. Scav aimbot making me want to quit until fixed.

    The scavs are very much still in development and im sure there are gonna be loads of fixes and patches to them, but imo they arent all that bad atm.
  2. Scav on Scav Violence

    Im pretty sure this will become less of a problem once VOIP is enabled in the game, as this in my opinion will make it easier to trust someone.
  3. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Hello, you get discharged after 4 consecutive AWOLS or 31 days without entering the team speak. You will have the possibility to submit an excusal to the mandatories that you cannot attend, and if you forget to ecuse yourself you will be contacted by a Staff Officer and you will be able to excuse yourself. you will also be able to request to go on leave. Just remember that real life allways comes first, hope i see u in taw soon!
  4. Gamma case skins

    Do u realise how much you are asking about rn? Instead of asking for game improvements u ask for thousands of different skins for ONE item. Doing this would make them use someone who could potentially make the game better faster, to make some pointless container skins. I totally disagree with this idea, but you do you man.
  5. Trial Key Contest - Create an EFT Character

    allready started
  6. Peacekeeper money

    Well seeing as how peacekeeper gets his money in "shipments" and not from people buying stuff, i think the same logic counts here. His money refreshes each hour, right? This leads me to belive he works with someone, lets say the US and that they send him money so that he can do buissines in russia. This is similar to how mcdonalds stores gets sent out money from the "head quarters" (dunno what else to call it) each month to use as change, if that store runs out of change it gets another bunch of money, i know this because i worked at mcdonalds two years back. So the same logic would count here, if peacekeeper runs out of money making it near impossible for him to do his buissines he would likely get a new bunch of monwy aswell.
  7. Peacekeeper money

    I have personaly leveled up peacekeeper to lvl 4, this is possible by not selling during rush hours but still u need to have it ready to sell. And it is not realistic that after going out of stock instantly and not increasing the stock next time, in a real life situation where a shop owner gets sold out right after getting the weeks shipment of lets say butter, he will most likely order a bigger shipment of butter the next time so that he doesent get sold out instantly. If they would like to make the economy system realistic thy need to implement a similar system, where the trader's stock increases if he sells out to fast, this way he is adapting to the needs of his customers.
  8. Will EOD edition last till official launch?

    Will eod owners keep the benefits from eid once eod stops being available
  9. Peacekeeper money

    Peacekeeper really needs an increase in the amount of dollars he has, as of now he is out of money within 15 seconds at its worst and maybe 2-3 at a good day. Really this needs to be fixed!
  10. Launcher just cant launch

    Have the same exact problem, my solution is to spam the icon right after starting up mu computer. After a while it opens
  11. Noreg

    Venter på cbt for optimisation, vil gjerne spille da hvis jeg får mulighet til det.
  12. Noreg

    Bør lages en klan for bare oss vikinger, fint å se at det er så mange andre norske her