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  1. likkee

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS Epsilon Secure Container
  2. Have a copy and paste from support ... "Hello! We are working on optimizing the network component of the game and increasing the number of servers. This situation is not final. In the release version of the game there will be no such problems. Comfortable game of our users is a priority direction of development. Thank you for your patience."
  3. likkee

    End of Tarkov is near

    Ok, yeah found that twitter account through reddit post (as written in my post). Didn't look like anything BSG official to me but seems I was wrong on that. Though it still doesn't tell me why I got wiped not being affected by backend error 1000.
  4. likkee

    End of Tarkov is near

    @ShiroTenshi I might be wrong on that but as far as I know EFT reddit and EFT Beta Announcer are not official BSG channels, right? But these were the only channels I could find information about those wiped profile (I got wiped too btw) and found out that it was due to having a backend error 1000. Digging a little deeper I finally find the same information buried in the backend error 1000 thread. Why would I ever look into that thread to find an unofficial statement to why my account got wiped? I never had that backend error 1000 on my profile. So, I guess I just got wiped for fun, because we can and as the russian way to say duck you for spending about $500 on that game for me and friends. I mean this thread about EFT being dead is non sense but the general communication of BSG and affiliates is like not existing. Why no email, why not anything official? Are we, the community, not worth it?
  5. likkee

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS Keybar Docs Case Wallet Pistol Case Factory Key Marked Key Flash Drive Gas Analyzer Tushonka Send offer in pm ...
  6. likkee

    Official Trading Thread

    Got my checkpoint key finally but still looking for pistol cases, anyone? pm me.
  7. likkee

    Official Trading Thread

    Looking for checkpoint key and pistol cases. Can offer marked key, gas analyzer, usb flash drive, fort, money ... Just pm me what you need.
  8. likkee

    It's Nikita Buyanov's Birthday!

    с днем рождения никита Best Wishes from Germany.
  9. likkee

    Official Trading Thread

    Trading 3x Gas Analyzer, 1x Factory Key and 1x USB Flash Drive ... Every item 1:1 for spark plug or car battery.
  10. likkee

    Wanted: Document Case

    Yeah I know, seen it in a twitch stream but haven't finished n4 yet as its quite hard to find any pmc's at shoreline, the map is like dead most of the time I join a raid because it's running for at least 10 minutes already ... so not much I can do about that and killing myself with nades is just not the way it should be, imho close to cheating :D. But I was lucky enough to find the doc case on customs a few days ago, so I'm good for now.
  11. likkee

    Wanted: Document Case

    Just wondering if maybe someone wants to trade his document case, just let me know what you want for it. Nearly 1000 raids on customs plus several Scav Runs and still nothing found ... can throw factory keys though lol
  12. Would join if I can make it in time likkee#8475