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  1. NeuralBow

    Bad Day in Tarkov...

    they probably will any minute now
  2. NeuralBow

    Do you experience less cheaters now?

    still pretty hard to Determine at this point with Insane desync Lagg and Big FPS drops at least in this current state of the game
  3. NeuralBow

    Do you experience less cheaters now?

    Its hard to determine at this point because of the Insane amount of desync and Overall Lagg thats why i think its better they just make a ticket system so They can make the decision if someone is hacking or that there was another Issue in play EDIT : and if they bann someone just Insta IP bann him don't bother with Account bann stolen credit cards is what they mostly use i think so no point in banning account okay a VPN or proxy is done within a few clicks to Change your IP but still just Insta IP bann
  4. NeuralBow

    Do you experience less cheaters now?

    well their Anti-cheat system must be pretty bad then and i agree i've been here since the first days of Alpha only been killed like 4 times max by actual Hackers i think also the same Most if it is desync because thats still a Real issue and can look like if you shoot thru walls or "teleporting" Ect Edit : and to be fair they just have to make a ticket system so you can actually report players so they can view the case and make their own decision if its cheating or Lagg/desync and untill now I have not seen anyone banned ( could be me im only playing the game and im on forums i dont check the reddit ect )
  5. NeuralBow

    Do you experience less cheaters now?

    Its free gain for them No anti cheat system at all No way to report Players for cheating EDIT : and no repercussions for them yet at least as far as i know Peace!
  6. NeuralBow

    Caught a hacker in a video

    Thanks mate its basiclly EFT alpha/Beta testing Right ^^
  7. NeuralBow

    Question for Mr.Sheep

    this has been one of most game breaking issues since the first day of Alpha release still not fixed ( it was Alot worse) but still there its probably going to be fixed when the Actual game releases to the masses so the servers get overrunned Again and we start all over again and then the Desync will be even worse
  8. NeuralBow

    Caught a hacker in a video

    ill like this in the future Don't have likes anymore But that would be their Response!
  9. NeuralBow

    Caught a hacker in a video

    Don't forget that the Hackers also payed for the game and that it what counts in BSG eyes otherwise the game had a Anti-cheat system already ( just my opinion ) Edit : still hope that scumbag gets IP banned ... just like every other hacker not just account Ban no IP ban
  10. NeuralBow

    End of Tarkov is near

    not every new map a Wipe But every "big" update there will be a Wipe till the actual game releases they said that this update there wil not be a Wipe ( not sure why to be fair ) I agree with the Macro part because it will give someone an advantage over another player Not using it i also agree that they handled that Terrible just Insta wipe all account involved not really a smart move those players probably stop playing till the Next wipe But to be fair what can we do about it really EFT already has Fanboys backing it by every decision but i think they have to look to the opinion of the whole community and not just Do something and yes their PR sucks can't argue with that mate! well said!
  11. NeuralBow

    I want a refund

    Nop you will not get a Refund if you read the TOS it says NOT refundable No you are the problem here to be fair LEARN TO READ before spending your money..... Own fault!
  12. NeuralBow

    End of Tarkov is near

    here is more infomation about the Account wipes NO problem
  13. NeuralBow

    End of Tarkov is near

    Been her since the first days of alpha and i kinda Agree with you but also Not if BSG get their act togetter then this game can turn out to be Great If they keep acting like they do/did for the last Year or so then Yes the End in Near! Peace!
  14. NeuralBow

    Sick of cheaters.

    Just to Name shame a cheater 100% i was in Shoreline NO one around me all of the sudden this dude literally teleports right infront of my eyes and Bye Bye Gear i hope you read this Hacker! if BSG does nothing about them we just have to Name shame them Nice Teleport hack
  15. NeuralBow

    Level Restricted Maps

    Great my friend and if you still struggle after the challenges Hit me up we will go on discord and i could try to teach you a little bit about the game always ready to help new players we all started just like you! and to be Totally fair with you Factory is a camp were Alot of camping happens if you want to play togetter in the future reply to this topic and we will find a way to comunicate and add each other on EFT