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  1. Lag or Desync or Late Spawn?

    It's all good @NightRaidActual from me and my friend. I appreciate your honesty and integrity. Thank you. As above, this was absolute mayhem and certainly wasn't natural. Yes, the spawns are close but this wasn't a case of close spawns. It was like there was one spawn on the house side. It went from 0-400MPH within a second of spawning in. I hope insurance rains down on us all tomorrow .
  2. Can't get offline to launch

    Until the devs fix this, I'd suggest to run a frame limiter and match it to your screen refresh rate. I use Afterburner. Not a fix but will help bring your GPU utilization down.
  3. Flying player scav

    Had this yesterday playing with friends. We had to pass underneath them to extract as one of us got killed just moments before. They didn't shoot at us plus we couldn't kill them, but they were floating and moving in the air. Was slightly worried we'd lose our loot from some bs but it was all good. Just harmless super scavs.
  4. Dissapointing update

    It does break the immersion. hahahaha Thanks for the laugh mate. +10000 rep to you if I could
  5. M4 in Factory = people runs in panic to exits

    No need to get personal with people. If there is a point to this thread would you care to explain?. I've read through it and I don't understand the purpose either.
  6. Karma isn't gonna cut it.

    I think that player Scavs who kill other AI and player Scavs should start with a knife only. Not only that but the time for being to play as a Scav should be increased. First offence maybe a 1-3 hours and if this happens consecutively then this doubles every time. This is only part of what I believe would be effective. I'm not sure on what should happen to your PMC and the relationship with your PMC to the traders. The more penalties you add to player Scavs, the more it becomes a deterrent. I always try to befriend fellow player Scavs and about 90% of the time I could have killed them several times over but I'd say 8/10 - maybe 9/10 they shoot at me and usually I will lose these fights as I'm reacting to their reaction. My stash is full and I have plenty of money so it's not so bad for me but it still annoys me every time as I could have easily killed them while trying to get their attention. Anyone killing player Scavs as a Scav themself, be ashamed of yourself. It's not that you're better that you're winning fights with people, it's just that some people are intelligent enough to know that if they work together they will get a lot better loot than the Scav gear so they try to work together for a better payday.
  7. Scav on Scav

    I can't remember a time when I've been shot from a player Scav or shot a player Scav and have the NPC shoot at either of us. They never change their hostility unless fired on.