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  1. Сайга 12 (СОК 12)

    10-ок не бывает, 8-ки хрен найдёшь в продаже, ну либо неадекватно дорого продают их. жиза
  2. Endurance Losing Skill

    i think there is a bug, that skills once maxed dont go up anymore. had the same with perception before i maxed memory
  3. Bug on Factory

    just a normal trap for the woodcutter
  4. New Gear to come in future!

    why do you need flash nades? frag one do job better.
  5. PSA - Never go into shower bathrooms.

    you can reconnect as long as server is up. when last players leave maps server shutdown. if you are the last player on map you have no right to reconnect
  6. Strength leveling

    irl people abuse life too! they go to jym, overweight themselfs and run/jump/crouch! what a cheat!
  7. ну зачем же по железу? пусть ещё раз деньги принесут и снова бан
  8. How it feels losing your beloved VSS

    you lost vss? meh. this is how you lose vss and as-val at the same time!
  9. Shotguns

    30-35 gramms of lead at 350-450 m/s will drop fast. thats not a fast light rifle bullet you know
  10. First youtube video

    1) you dont have AI-2 on hotkeys (4,5,6) 2) you dont heal bleed asap, but heal other non critical parts first (chest-head may be ok choice, but why hand?) 3) try to have painkillers on hotkeys too
  11. UI for mixing ammo types [Graphic Examples]

    i think it was on some q&a video at some gameshow or stream...
  12. Insurance

    insurance have some problems right now. 1) i insured my gear and factory key in gamma. 2) had some raids WITHOUT death 3) all my gear IS NOT insured!? factory key included! 4) insure all of it again 5) more raids 6) again lost insurance! so i had to pay 3 time for the same insurance.
  13. сударь желает перейти с 2-х мерного тетриса на 3-х мерный? тогда надо точно вырезать "лишние пустые" клетки из прямоугольников габарита оружия
  14. need some advice

    2 death for 26 factory raid - is it good? 1) know all spawn point and check/control nearest one 2) be stealthy and try to listen and pinpoint any pmc activity 3) dont shoot everything blindly or asap. sometime its better to leave bot-scav alone as a bait and ambush its killer. or at least pinpoint gunfire and flank it somehow. 4) know timing. (good for factory) player-scavs spawn usually at 32-30 min mark 5) use headphones. real one AND in game too. and more stuff like this... you can get over 9000 advice and still die fast. just try different tactics lots of time and see what works best for you.
  15. UI for mixing ammo types [Graphic Examples]

    i believe devs said there will be something as "saved presets" for ammo in mags and guns mods. we just need to wait. and yes! we do need this mechanics. its a real pain in the ass to get 1AP-1HP pattern with 3-5 tracers at the bottom for 60 round mags