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  1. Map

    You too.
  2. Map

    Ah ok, Thanks for the answer.
  3. Map

    But it states you can. "Select Infiltration Point On Factory"
  4. Map

  5. Map

    I bought the maps from Elvira and when ever i start a raid it says select a deployment point. How do i do that?
  6. Tips

    Use your scav its a great way to get loot and it has no risk!
  7. Teamwork Film CONTEST!

    Is there a upgrade to the edition? because one of my friends bought the standard edition and he wants to upgrade.
  8. geared players

    Isnt this a game where you can insta die to a hatchling?
  9. Thats a amazing idea, considering how most scav gear is sold for better gear!
  10. Need to have access to helmet prior to lv4 trader

    I would love the new riot helmet in lvl 2-3 skier!