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  1. MP5

    excited for the new scopes!
  2. BEAR vs USEC lore

    The BEAR with a helmet always remind me of Robert De Niro lol
  3. What exactly is happening here?

    when i peak like that i never get insta-killed like i did here, i was pretty much at full HP. i just find it strange because it was was just instant. I would understand if i had no helmet on
  4. What exactly is happening here?

    I am getting these deaths so often now since the latest update i dont really understand why im dying instantly like this. If its a grenade like someone told me on a previous recording i made this is game breaking in a way
  5. Group spawn location

    i agree with this, as a solo it makes it unfair for the solo players
  6. This game is completely unplayable for me, every game i get into i desync and lose my m4s helmets armour to a guy with a hatchet or pistol its starting to get ridiculous now can we get an actual ETA on when oceanic servers and more servers are coming out? are they even coming out at all or we being lied to? most of us payed almost $200 for this game and cant even get a fun gaming experience, my stash is now completely empty thanks to constant desync, the game is starting to become a joke. When are we even getting patches or updates for these bugs? ive lost connection or dced and have logged back into someone next to me shooting me in the face, i had all traders maxed out and was level 38 now i have to start all over because i can never extract anymore with 200+ ping and 5 - 10 sec desync behind everyone else in the map
  7. EFT and PVP

    As someone from Australia who experiences horrible desync, i love to hoard loot, but at the same time i like to use the guns and gear i have, every now and then i gear up with my best ak and armour and try to do a raid. Most the time im running around with like 5 seconds of desync, then theres some raids that are just perfect but i still have that 200 - 300 ping lag, i manage to have really good raids surprisingly, my stash has like 10 decently modded guns that im too afraid to bring out because of that chance i bring them out and just get killed by someone i dont even see. The thing i dont get is the people who run the game fine with no lag at all and all they do is hatchet runs and pistol runs while im lagging out the ass and still bring good gear that 80% of the time i lose cause of ping or desync
  8. When is the next server wipe/rest going to happen?

    i heard its when theres big content patches but i dont know
  9. Australian Sweet Spot.

    i find usually after 12pm to around 8pm is great for me, customs unplayable but the other maps seem fine
  10. Incentive to use better gear

    noone wants to bring out gear cause an ai 1 taps you in the head then you lose it all whats the point
  11. Australian (Oceania) Servers?

    Got my beta key last night was so hyped to get in and play, at first i was like ok this dsync isnt as bad as what everyone is saying next minute it takes me 20 seconds to move an item in my inventory, spawned on customs as a scav and another player scav came over to me started flashing his light at me and was just watching me lag all over the place, the game is great but for having australian ping it just makes the game completely unplayable which sucks, normally i can play US servers on games perfect i dont know why this is a problem
  12. Current Servers

    Asian servers are horrible for australian ping, Us ping is much better