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  1. Please Fix THIS !!!!!!

    total desync. he has never aimed at you, you start taking damage and you die out of his target.
  2. On results of the New Year Event

    Nice, i only hope in not too close wipe ....
  3. Happy new year all.

    Happy new year for all.... Bests. M.
  4. Ban for forbidden software using 

    I see it differently. Cheaters do not deserve such attention, it's the one they are looking for. In my life I have learned that ignoring someone is the only thing that leads the latter to suffer and therefore die. If we pay attention to them and talk about them, and suffer from them, they are happy and multiply. If you ignore them, they get tired of not hearing about them. The anticheat does the rest. IHMO they need to git gud. But are unable.
  5. Ban for forbidden software using 

  6. Soon! The Kill list!

  7. Reclutamento Clan -=[ETI]=- 18+

    Bene ti aspettiamo in forum e su discord.
  8. Reclutamento Clan -=[ETI]=- 18+

    Ancora pochi posti, massimo 6 e siamo al completo.
  9. Escape from Tarkov Cinematic

    Very nice.
  10. M4A1 Colt Finished

    WHAT IS THIS? A drawing? What utility does it have? Is it a your passion?
  11. Reclutamento Clan -=[ETI]=- 18+

    No bestemmie....!!!
  12. New servers added!

    in fact I noticed a great improvement in matching time from yesterday 22.00 pm ... Exellent news.
  13. Patch/wipe delay