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  1. GhostOfTarkov

    Servers are down?

    yea it just did it to me i was fully geared on factory and had atleast 200k+ worth of rubles in weapons ect when the server connection lost popped up on my screen
  2. So in order to complete this task i have to go into dorm room 203, grab a brief case under the bed and extract without dying and turn it in, but i have done that twice now without dying and every time i go into customs and get the brief case and extract it says i have the quest completed but when i go to turn it in there's nothing about completing the quest, like i never had gotten the case? this has been going on for 3 days and I've already messaged the devs and still no response and i sent them a message 2 days ago.
  3. GhostOfTarkov

    Prapor Quest Bug?

    During the quest ''Shaking up Teller'' for Prapor i have to find something valuable in room 203, which is the bank case under the bed. then i have an optional objective that i can gain access to 214 which also has the 203 key that spawns inside of that room but i already have a 203 key so i just opened up the door grabbed the case and extracted when i did that it said i had completed the quest so i went to turn it in and i couldnt find a ''complete'' or ''handover'' button on his quest screen it was like i didnt even do the quest. so i did everything over again and still the same thing happened. and now i dont know what to do to complete his quest.
  4. GhostOfTarkov

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Ghostoftarkov#9476 please verify
  5. GhostOfTarkov

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    GhostOfTarkov#9476 please verify
  6. GhostOfTarkov

    Safe to assume no patch today?

  7. GhostOfTarkov

    Safe to assume no patch today?

    If you had to look down hear you clearly didn't understand the title, good one kiddo.
  8. GhostOfTarkov

    Upgraded game edition

    He doesn't need to wait till wipe you do know that right? There's an option on your account to completely reset your account.
  9. GhostOfTarkov

    Upgraded game edition

    you have to completely reset your account or wait for the wipe to happen before it takes affect.
  10. GhostOfTarkov

    Pre-order packages of Escape from Tarkov will be improved

    If we bought EOD do we get everything from the other pre-order packs as well?
  11. GhostOfTarkov

    More Headgear

    So I've been wondering why there is only 3 types of headgear in the game like the Kiver, Superman Hat, Baklava and the Cloth Mask so I've came up with a few ideas that might put more diversity into the game. 2. Hardhat The Hardhat Protects more from melee weapons, offers little to no protection from firearms. 2. Ballistic Mask The Ballistics Mask Protects the face from damage like shrapnel and small caliber firearms. 3. Steel Helmet (SSH-40) Like the helmets the Soviets used in WWII they were made from solid steel so they have excellent bullet protection but not as nearly much as the Kiver or Kolpak 2. 4. Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) Is the standard issue helmet for the United States its provides a little more protection than the Kiver 5. Kolpak 2 Is the current military helmet used in the Russian army it almost doubles the ballistics protection of Kiver, Steel Helmet and the Advanced Combat Helmet. Feel free to add to my list, give any ideas or make corrections to mine. and thanks for viewing it!
  12. GhostOfTarkov

    Anyone Want to Squad up?

    What? Um if you have discord we can communicate through that, i don't speak deutsch so sorry.
  13. GhostOfTarkov

    Anyone Want to Squad up?

    Im just looking for someone to team up with if you can even do that you can add me my name in-game is TheEnforcer feel free to add me