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  1. 0 packs in ... or cheater

    #locked - BSG is not currently accepting hacker reports. If they are hacking, they will be banned
  2. Fastest game ever?

    Hello, this is a known issue, and for woods map, a fix will be in the next update. I do however, disagree with the idea of spawn immunity as it would break the realism aspect of the game.
  3. Crimson Military Company

    Introducing: Our new website! We have expanded enough as a community to where I feel a website is needed to help keep organized. This is nothing fancy, nor is it really meant to be, but just helps to keep us closer together as a community and make sure we stay on top of things! Visit it here!: https://crimsonmc.mistforums.com/page/application5866 You can now apply one of two ways, through the forum, or through the website. Whatever you find easier!
  4. Crimson Military Company

    All accepted! Will PM all with the discord!
  5. Report hacker

    #locked - BSG is not currently accepting hacker reports, if he is hacking he will be banned. And please, don't name-shame, as if he isn't hacking, it could give him a bad name Kind Regards, DaBombGamer | Forum Moderator
  6. Method of reporting?

    #locked - BSG is not currently accepting hacker reports. If they are hacking, they will be caught by the anti-cheat
  7. Civs

    I think this sounds pretty cool! However, I do disagree with the player civ thing, I feel like it should be AI only.
  8. Crimson Military Company

    Introducing yet another helpful feature to our community! We have introduced a new, safer, trading channel to ensure that we have a place for our players to have 100% peace of mind while trading. We have a 0 tolerance policy on cheating someone out of a deal, and if caught, they will be removed from the community. It is a channel where we can trust one another to do trading deals! Still looking for new members!
  9. Crimson Military Company

    Accepted! I'll PM you with the Discord! Still looking for new members!
  10. Factory wait time

    #locked - This is due to the current overflow of players on the servers. Thank you for your patience. You can find more on this here:
  11. Crimson Military Company

    Introducing a new feature to our community! With the influx of newer players, we have started making certain low-level exceptions in our community. To help the newer players out, we've gone ahead and made a section of our discord dedicated to new players asking questions and getting responses from veterans of the game. Hope to see you soon! Still looking for new members!
  12. Remove the TOZ

    This could either be caused by De-sync, or the scav may have been wearing armor. I think it's a fairly good gun to play around with imo. Do you have any video of this occuring?
  13. Hacks or skill?

    #locked - Regardless, hacker reports are not currently being accepted by BSG. If they are hacking, they will be caught. It is really hard to judge this especially knowing there isn't any video to show the situation. @Steventot you are not allowed to disclose player names in question as if they aren't hacking, it will still give them a bad name and everyone will assume he's hacking when they die to the person.
  14. Possible Cheating or Bug

    #locked - Thread is taking a turn in a negative direction This is most likely de-sync that caused him to not die instantly We are also not accepting hacker reports, if they are cheating, they will be caught by the Anti-Cheat