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  1. N1mrod

    EFT vs PUBG

    what? just read in the news that is game is being overrun by cheaters from Asian Region (mostly China) and top ten leaderboards are full with people, whose names indicate how to get the cheats Banning ~13k a day which is not enough
  2. N1mrod

    EFT vs PUBG

    No, it was not made by Arma guys. Brendan Greene had the idea for a famous mod called Battle Royale for Arma 3 which he even did not program. If you want to learn how to shot guns and ballistics play Arma 3, not PUBG. Having to aim up higher for 300meters with an ACOG and a M4 or even a K98 (PUBG) is bullshit. And somewhere someone called me a hater, who played it for 350 hours. Thats right - you need time to get the full picture of a game. And as I am taking gaming somehow more or less serious I can't enjoy games where I get killed due to desync or bullshit situations. Now to desync topic someone will come up and tell me Escape from Tarkov has much worse netcode / desync / lag whatever but what i can say about my experience, i have not recognized any major issues in the last weeks. (Still from Germany - dont know where exactly the servers are) and having good performance (70-90 fps) edit 1: roughly ~2700 hours arma 3
  3. N1mrod

    EFT vs PUBG

    in regards to netcode for ex. i totally disagree. (from Germany - since month no desync, no lag, no weird situations) Related to PUBG around the time when i quit: (i know its three month old but that was the situation) -> Garbage I haven't played it since then but the weapon felt incredible strange - bullet drop as hell and weird recoil
  4. N1mrod

    EFT vs PUBG

    I played PUBG when it came out. (~350 hours) and I quit because the game is poo. -Developers, who break their promises (micro transactions in alpha - wtf?) -Get banned for "stream" sniping - lol -Get banned for "honking" at Streamers -totally broken netcode Those are just a few points, read the steam reviews. If you're interested in casual shooter maybe take a look at Fortnite Battle Royale - just came out and f2p