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  1. I personally love what the game is trying to become. A lot of us have been playing since closed alpha and enjoy the risk/reward like no other game can come close to. Most of us can tell something is wrong during those engagements. We know the maps , the hides, what kind of damage we take and can tell when that gets changed up by cheating or as others like to say it's only desync. Its like you wait for a patch release so you can have at least one full day of cheat free gaming but after that it slowly goes back up to I would say 30% cheaters as they get the courage to launch it again. Then you add in the wipes. We get our stash removed by that and those cheating. it makes it a tough sale to recommend others to play the game. If we were willing to pay 150.00 for an Alpha dont ya think we would be willing to put out another 20.00 or so just to get a good Anti--cheat ? I would personally be willing to pay a monthly subscription for a cheat free game(I know nothing is cheat free). Just saying either quit wiping our stash or fix it or we will eventually not give a rats ass about an Anti-cheat because we have already moved to a much more enjoyable game. That being said this could be the best FPS RPG game ever created. BSG you gotta think big and get some good investors behind you. Hell create a Crypto to cover costs. I would buy them. You have to think on a global scale and get the resources needed to meet that demand. You got the right idea and proven that it works. Just spend the money for a Top Tier Anti-cheat and put it to rest. Your programmers should let the experts handle that. If you dont fix it soon; your dream and game will die... GL
  2. SFC-Doc

    Gear to Streamers

    My biggest gripe is not the "gear". Its the over cocky streamers that are given a huge advantage and still talk poo about the game while ragging on players because they died to someone who had a Markov. It make a very toxic gaming environment. There are some really great streamers out here, I subscribe to them to support their efforts to make the game a much more vibrant and growing community. I personally think that this is the best time to bring it up so later when the game is "Live" issues like this will be already dealt with. Thank you for commenting. Cheers ! So with the same logic, I can say "The sun rose yesterday plants grew three hundred ninety nine percent higher than when the sun never came out the day before." but i forgot to mention I added miracle grow to the water and it was the first time in a week since it was watered. I guess Christmas didn't have anything to do with it. Or even maybe a sale right ? just plain ole a few streamers making The Division so popular. You might be able to get away with that type of statistical analysis on CNN but not here. Thank you everyone that commented and or read the thread. I just wanted to bring it forward as there are many people that have said it but didn't put it out in the forums.
  3. SFC-Doc

    Gear to Streamers

    Why do you give streamers press accounts with so much gear ? I mean the reality of it is , the people who purchased your EOD copy in Alpha promote the game more than most streamers. hell a lot of them talk poo about the game non stop while playing it. between three of our members we invested over 1500.00 for the game by buying friends copies. I am sure that this is wide spread among true hardcore gamer communities. Most of us don't purchase a game because we seen some jack ass streamer playing it. we buy this type of game based upon friends and real game critics, not the crap we are seeing in Tarkov right now. I will say there are a few streamers that give out the gear and I respect them for keeping it real unlike One we all know. Make them work for their gear from day one and then you have a good stream. Its very disappointing to see such a hard survival game just give out that much to a player and think its helping the sales. What it does is make a lot of your top supporters complain about it. We get it that its a business and you gotta make money , but why not take care of the people that bought the game in Alpha with the same admiration and respect as you do whining streamers. Anyway, Amazing game ... great concept.
  4. SFC-Doc

    New Year Event starts tomorrow at 15:00 MSK

    So are we having another wipe tomorrow or was that the last wipe ? Thanks, SFC-Doc
  5. SFC-Doc

    Countercheating measures

    Then why not ban by a hardware address like the GPU or combination of GPU / CPU /MB. That way it will cost them a whole lot more. 49.00 isn't that much money considering how much they are paying for the cheat. A good example of that is R6 siege. They ban and back in again with a new copy of the game. So UBIsoft makes money, cheat makers make money , the clean players loose the value of their game.
  6. SFC-Doc

    Countercheating measures

    I personally am glad they wait a week before banning. If you ban a player as soon as they are caught, others that are using that same cheat most likely will get away with it. The cheats that people pay for are very slick programs and have measures in them to notify if its detected. Now the cheat company and their members know the instant it was detected and can now fix it and save a lot of their customers(cheaters). Now that customer base will be there fairly quick. So the cheaters are back up and running no problems right ? If they hold back a week or when they see it become static or where the growth has slowed down .. then hit em and catch the majority of cheaters . This hurts the cheat makers and catches the majority of cheaters.. Cheaters be like I'm rocking this cheat making loot, talking smack on discord. Owning those that enter woods. Then one day you will be on comms and say where did bob go , haven't seen him on comms in a few days .. your buddy goes ya same jazz and m86. Then you go to the wall of shame instead of seeing 2-3 names you got 1000. Just my thoughts, please ignore the not so great grammar and spelling.
  7. SFC-Doc

    endless "Matching"

    I hear man , I agree it is worth dealing with some issues for the opportunity to be apart of the beginning of this soon be mega hit FPS !>
  8. SFC-Doc

    endless "Matching"

    same here we have been trying for last 45 mins
  9. SFC-Doc

    Older Aged Players Alliance

    invite for discord expired.
  10. SFC-Doc

    Update with Scav AI?

    lol waffle
  11. SFC-Doc

    Update with Scav AI?

    Agreed, the game is amazing outside of the few quirks but can deal with that if the scavs where little more realistic. I mean a makrov in the hands of a scav is equal to a player with an m4 300 meters away with an 4x optic lol . but besides that its great game.
  12. SFC-Doc

    Closed Beta will start in July!

    If patch notes are released, thats an indicator for the beta release ?
  13. SFC-Doc

    a "Curious" player

    Has anyone else wondered why the OP for USEC looks like a homeless guy stole a dead soldiers shirt ; while the BEAR looks like he is in the gym 6 days a week taking the juice ?
  14. SFC-Doc

    Closed Beta will start in July!

    maybe so but I still think EFT given its in closed Alpha a much better product than any other FPS out there trying to provide tactical realism back to gaming . So I am sorry if I was to harsh on thier review . and yeah shouldnt compare games but you cant tell me Siege is in anyway as well planned out as this one . comparing bugs , glitches , desync , hitreg, cheating . I respect your opinions !
  15. SFC-Doc

    Closed Beta will start in July!

    Well they should have known better. To be Judging a game in closed Alpha stage and calling it AIDS just makes them look like AssHats. This game with its issues in ALPHA is better than games in the ESL Pro League. Look at the mess UBI made with Siege. It has desync, hit reg, disconnects, map bugs , oh and the disconnects,and dont forget about the ghosting oh yeah also falling through the map. ! Great Work so far BSG !!!!