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  1. Woods is a great map as is and one thing I like about it is the lack of points of interests, I like roaming around not knowing where someone will be.Treating everything with care, moving well and in formation, good comms. I think a big part of how that is possible is because the lack of points where you know you will find players. ALL of this is of course only speaking about woods in the current state and the game in its current state. I Don't have any idea really how the end product will be but as far as design of woods, IMO, it cant really be much better, I have been playing a long time and seen them add some trees here and there to prevent certain angles on spawns and such but they haven't touched the layout and that is fine with me.
  2. EFT has me hooked. But......

    There are allot that will say , well it is possible with the small stash and yes , that is true, but to have just afew full kits means you cant stash things for the quests that require your stash space. I fully agree with you that the small stash is too small , even for beta, even for the price. I have finally reached level 30 so i can buy weapons case its nice but still until level 30 I still believe it is too small.
  3. Too hard for beginners???

    The harder the better!
  4. SKS needs a nurf

    man everyone wants something nerfed, but this my friend ism't it. Tarkov needs this gun. it is one way for low levels to have a "chance" against lvl 40s with every gizmo on rifle with 60 rounds in a mag and all the armor one man can have on at one time. It don"t need price change , it dosn"t need power nerf it has plenty of weaknesses already to balance out the powerful round.
  5. New car battery farming spot?

    best spot is the warehouses on boiler room side of customs. especially the one closest to old gas station. They spawn on the shelves, sometimes 2 on top of each other. Also build 3 on woods.
  6. Insurance not returning weapons

    yes i have in fact noticed 3 or so times where it would have had to a the most miraculous find ever for a guy to have found where my buds threw my gear. First time i thought , ah well some dude just happened to be waiting and watching where my friends threw my gear ( i do that when i am a scav too) but the last few time got me thinking something might be wrong with insurance.
  7. SKS needs a nurf

    yeah , no it does not need nerfed, what do you want , all guns to deal same damage , same rate of fire on every gun for "equality"? Big round the trade is semi auto and 20 round mag, so again, no it does not.
  8. Sorry bros, i love allot of people in our community but we do have a "WAY TOO" larger percentage of dudes that are high level, meaning they are community members lurking amongst us like they are friends, who are trash players and trash people. i hope they all find their way to some trash game asap.
  9. People have found a new way to get on there. Ran into a crew of lil pussbois up there tonight. Sad really. just a heads up.
  10. Performance drop after Patch

    My performance is overall better since patch, however, I do have a new problem one in ten matches or so. My frames get down below 10 fps and stay the entire game, only happened to me on customs .
  11. $140 Con

    This game isn't marketed to appease everyone onearth like other games are. This is for a niche of players like me and countless others who wholeheartedly disagree with you and your salt.
  12. [UPDATE] Hotfix Patch Notes !

    comtacs broke again with latest micropatch
  13. No, you are not. There at least 2 other threads on this very topic. I do wish people would search these things before starting new thread because if a workaround or other helpful info is posted in only one of the threads it may go unseen by people trying to find it.
  14. bad sound engine..

    Guys i wanted to let yall know about some software that is used to 3d image sound NOT 7.1 but more of 360 degree. Its made for vr where that really would matter. It is a free trial and for me with the settings on movie theatre and my 7.1 button off on my headset it really opens up the sound of tarkov and really helped allot with say, factory sound imaging. Try it if you want. Easy ennough to understand and download. make sure it is working simply by having sound playing and turning it off and on , there will be a very distinct change. the voice setting is kinda closed , the media more open feeling and movie VERY open feeling. I have closed back cans also. Usinf this leads me to believe the good sound we want is in the engine there is simply bugs that need to be worked out. Hope this helps. It really sounds good with it on and the 7.1 on on my cans but the position is way too messed up so just keep it off on your phones or in windows is my preference
  15. bad sound engine..

    I am so glad to see others have same issue. I was starting to think my headset broke. All noise sounds at same distance on large maps and on factory close has no sound yet far away sounds close. This game, out of all the games i play needs directional, positional, tactical sound or it will literally only be half the game it could be. After seeing the attention to such a bad ass hardcore shooter i do believe the devs are definitely aware of it ( they have to be, it's too obvious a problem) and definitely going do something better than this soon. For me Avatar "feel" and shooting "feel" are the only things more important than sounds. Graphics could be from the 90s as long a as the above is good..... I'm good Look forward to seeing what the devs do with it. It might have something to do with them currently upgrading unity engines and quite possibly something easier than we think to implement. Still i am impressed with this games mechanics and all else, all things considered. Keep it up BSG: i know you won't let us down on the sound.