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  1. The Forum ban was yesterday and lasted untill today. no notes, no mesaged, no inbox, nothing.
  2. Would have been nice to know why i was forum banned yesterday. Apperently since my character is gone i am guessing it has to do with the text i had to input in my character. So a little warning up front : when you do create a character telling in his bio his greatest achievement was drinking 10L Vodka and living to tell the tale is a bannable offense. or that he crawled out of the gutter or something else. i don't know. i'll wait untill i hear what can be put in there or not.
  3. Balancing of trader tasks

    The 5 salewa one needs to be looked into, it is way to hard and it states a salewa can be bought from Skier. well I have never seen him sell a salewa lol
  4. smoke grenates, team screen and scav question

    Dude, that bandana is a fire hazerd when smoking lol Great suggestions, hoping Dev's will pick up on it.
  5. Scav Human vs AI Detection

    I have seen ai scav looking up while target locked on a player. Another tip is: scav ai do not carry extra weapons on there back or holster. Whish they would let ai scav spawn with flashlight and turn it on randomly.
  6. Giant Bear or Usec

  7. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Awesome Job!! 400 wow that's a large number, too bad we cannot see their tears.
  8. Countercheating measures

    I for one definitely see a decrease in cheaters, just wait for the next patch to hit. More and more features will come and this game will be awesome.
  9. I have seen the light on Factory - It hurt.

    lol i hear Kottongamer in the background. usually when there is desync i just wait at the extraction point. after 2 - 5 mins the extraction timer begins and you are out.
  10. Whitelisted servers?

    and you are forgetting that all maps will be connected. not just quick raids like now. Since account and forum bans are together you do not see many banned whiners here. I too would love to see some stats of how many accounts were banned.
  11. Spawn point camping

    current spawns are a placeholder, devs know it , it will be different at release.
  12. Lower level helmets

    Since the urrent helmet is not OP, why not make it drop more often and /or let us buy it from traders just like the paca? bring out a better helmet with more protection to go with the heavy armor.
  13. Has Anyone Hit Rock Bottom?

    With Scav mode you have an option to get into the game with a gun every hour so rock bottom is very hard to get to. Start up scav mode go hide in a corner for 15 mins and loot all the corpses after that. look in the green boxes, coats and cabinets you will be surprised how many are still full. The thing is, i try to go in without backpack and without vest the first scav i can loot, i grab his vest (scav vest = 2k) and backpack, glasses and cap and sell that to the traders, thats easy money right there. In factory there is a bench in the lockers, there is a useless key there, Always grab it and put it in your container. it sells for 3k with Therapist. Try to sell things first with Therapist, than Skier, and than Prapor. Never ever sell to fence if someone else will buys it.
  14. ETA for New wipe?

    devs stated that 3 or 4 weeks after GamesCom, there will be an update and wipe. Until the full game release we will get wipes often, get used to it.
  15. Playing EFT on a cloud PC

    I hope the hardware id check will be dropped when the game hits steam. On the other hand, can you please tell us how the gamer performes for you? No issue with Lagging? do the Visuals etc all look good with this cloud service?