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  1. Deadmode

    Helmet Cam / Go pro

    The way the footage will be recorded will be done in the same way - clientside, so it will be just as intensive. If you try and have serverside recording then it will look awful (think PUBG's killcam) and would also put insane strain on the servers which are already bulging at the seams. Personally I don't see any advantage over exisiting options on the market that justifies the extra clientside or serverside load, as well as development time. Just because something might be 'cool' doesn't make it a good idea.
  2. Deadmode

    Realism vs Play-ability and enjoyment

    But the developers are making a game they want to make, not what we want to have made. Remember that. It's a medium of art just like any others out there, music, film, painting, and like those, BSG are making their piece of art. We will either enjoy it or we won't. Asking for them to change their core aspects of the game that will conflict with their vision for the game won't happen, regardless of how much we discuss it. What you think makes it better is entirely subjective, and in the case of realistic character movement, is actually against BSG's opinion of what would make the game better (and the majority of the playerbase who want the realistic game they promise). As someone who plays a lot of airsoft using scale replica weapons in extremely realistic locations including both open land, woodland an FIBUA sites, with proper combat gear, I can chime in here as I have to use real world techniques in my game to succeed. You cannot pass through a door sideways IRL with anything carbine length or longer with ease or effectiveness. The weapon system needs to be moved. You would lower the muzzle to pass through and then bring it back to front afterwards. You wouldn't hip-fire the gun (actually from the hip) or anything stupid like that when entering just so you can 'shoot if you need to'. Operators are trained to fire accurately at targets, not like Rambo, as any such movie technique is unsafe and unreliable. You would clear the angles from outside the room first and then the extremes of the room once inside, most commonly with a guy entering and heading immediately to a corner (and a teammate the opposite corner), but as they go in that doorway their muzzle is down. If the Israeli technique is adopted then the whole room is cleared from the doorway but still requires rapid bringing of the muzzle on target from the sideways position when clearing those last two extreme corners. The other option to lowering the muzzle is where the stock is dropped from the shoulder to the side of the armpit whilst raising the muzzle up. This requires less muzzle movement but does need a quick 'snap' back to the shouldered position when you are round the corner/doorway/obstruction. I use this technique as it is mechanically quicker to perform and the muzzle is brought back with more of an outwards thrust than a swing up, which is easier to stop motion on target. I use this technique myself and this is the action that EFT is simulating in game. You can see a Navy SEAL operating in a doorway in this video. You can also see the doorway part of the solo Israeli technique used in this video timestamp. At no time is the weapon system used in any method you suggest. Either way you look at it, the muzzle is moved when near obstructions. EFT has it right. Also, if someone ran into you from round a corner, your weapon would be moved out of the way. For those that keep running into people and having their muzzle lifted, stop running into people. Seriously. I have only had this happen once or twice in the year or so I've been playing this game and I don't know how people have this happen often. Try clearing areas before entering and always position yourself so that you can engage targets at an effective range should they present themselves. If someone is able to get right up in your grill so much so that your muzzle is lifted, you done f***ked up. That's not the game's fault at all. That's not actually true. Many helmets will stop small calibre rounds and shotgun pellets. They are primarily designed to stop shrapnel and debris as that is the majority of danger posed to the head in modern combat. To quote a post from this thread: Some ultra modern helmets can stop rifle rounds with more success but they are less common and way more expensive. Regarding leg damage etc, I have suggested improvements to the current system here.
  3. Deadmode

    For the devs,Offline mode

    I'd also like to add that, for those that are wanting an offline mode to avoid the steep learning curve/difficulty in the early game, I have to remind you of this... We are playing a beta test build of Escape From Tarkov and it's actually more like an alpha, with it being nowhere near feature-complete. We are running around in a mere FRACTION of what is expected for release, both location, content and feature-wise. Currently there are a handful of maps that have to cater to ALL players and their in-game goals which causes us all to be thrown in the mix together and this is what creates the tough times many struggling players experience. At release there will be many more locations and the loot content will be such that some maps will be worthless for higher-level players to head to. New players will be able to work through the story mode with the game getting progressively more difficult as they go, but they will also learn the game and improve as they play. Eventually they will be at the stage where they will hit the free-roam areas, which will be more like the experience we find now, bu tthey will have cash and gear to play it. That said, it will ALWAYS be online. That's the whole point of the game and the only way you can have such dynamic encounters with other entities in the game.
  4. Deadmode

    For the devs,Offline mode

    People clearly didn't read the homepage of the website when they bought this game. It states: The fact that there is a chance we will get a PvPvE mode is a compromise made by the devs, clearly, as they have LONG stated that their will never be an offline mode after release. You should count yourselves lucky that you are even getting that. If you truly want a fully offline PvE gamemode then play either S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly/Dead Air or wait until Russia 2028. Leave BSG to focus on this being an online game first and foremost, please.
  5. Deadmode

    Just somtheing I thought of just now.

    Pretty sure this happens already. Prapor sells Russian items, Skier is a Scav so sells a mixture, Therapist sells meds and supplies, Peacekeeper is a UN dude so has access to lost of western items, Mechanic sells advanced items and Ragman sells clothing etc. The search is a nice idea, but probably hard to implement if you don't know what the item is exactly called or titled. Maybe having access to a list system that highlights all components available for certain weapons and mod slots, so if you highlight an AK handguard you can see all potential items at your trader levels and who sells them.
  6. Deadmode

    My suggestion.

    Submit a proper bug report, preferably including game log files as instructed on these forums and in the game launcher. Maybe then someone can actually work out what is causing your issue. This post isn't helpful in any way whatsoever.
  7. Deadmode

    We need Kill Cam

    This is copied over from my reply in another thread on the same subject: ------------------------------------------ The fun of games like this is the learning curve. You have to analyse your play to work out what you did wrong in order for you to minimise the chances of that bad situation happening again. Over time you will improve and your survival rates will go up. It's easy to record your raids and then when you have a particular moment you wish to analyse, you can. Where did I get shot from? How could I have avoided being ambushed? Did I actually get my shots on target in that frantic firefight that I lost? These are all questions you can answer by watching your footage back, then work out counter-strategies that you can use in following raids. Killcams are just an instant-gratification mechanic that gives players that kind of information immediately for zero effort. It's not giving you any more information than you can already find out to help you survive, but it is giving you other information that is unfair to reveal to the player. Things such as good hiding spots, shooting lanes and manoeuvring techniques (with squads) that, frankly, the dead player doesn't deserve to know. You lost the fight, why should you be rewarded by knowing how you got beat? If you want to know, put the effort in, study your game and find your own way to overcome the situations you will face. There's also a lot of people here that call for killcams because they cannot understand how they died and probably suspect hacking when they likely died from either a) blundering into an enemy's LOS or b) bad desync. The latter I pray will be eliminated from the game one day and the former can already be eliminated through actually learning how to play the game properly. And another point, the killcams and the necessary information to store the recorded data and stream it back will add much more load to the servers, which are already bursting at the seams with the netcode as it is and I do not see enough benefits to the system to justify that extra burden. Regarding people's responses about realism... ____________________________On 8/8/2018 at 4:11 PM, ltdan83 said:_______________________ I love all the shouts of "but realism" in this forum. Wanna be realistic? One death on your PMC = wipe. Everytime a soft armor stops a round you get bad bruising or a broken rib. No scav runs because it's not realistic for you to be 2 people. No healing and being fine from a flesh wound. You can go on and on about all the things that aren't strictly realistic but are needed for gameplay purposed. A killcam or raid replay after the raid is over(you and your squad all dead or extracted) would be a nice feature. Plus it would be a good learning tool for newer players. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Again, look at how BSG market the game on their own homepage as I stated above. You're right about balancing but things in EFT will always be more realism-focussed, that's what BSG is aiming to create. That's why we say about realism in the forums because it's the game BSG are making, the game we all bought into and the game we all want to play. Anybody that doesn't want a realistic shooter clearly backed the wrong game.
  8. Deadmode

    Free Cam with film tools!

    No thank you, for the same reasons I posted in another thread about killcams.
  9. Deadmode

    Helmet Cam / Go pro

    Or just record your gameplay with shadowplay or OBS or somesuch...
  10. Deadmode

    Hip fire seriously needs a rework...

    Walking at a brisk speed with the weapon shouldered and engaging a target somewhat accurately at closer ranges is completely feasible and that's what a lot of military units train to do, amongst the myriad of other disciplines and drills. That's what people need to remember here; our characters are ex-PMC's - they are trained, military personnel, not civilians. They should be able to handle their weapon systems very well and efficiently in the highest of stressful situations. The game's skill and RPG progression should just allow for fine-tuning and perfection of those already acquired skills. Scavs, on the other hand, should be useless at it. That said, the speed at which a character can fire that accurately after a sprint or jump etc, is unrealistic, and I totally agree with you there. Sprinting and then instantly point-shooting a guy accurately should not happen and there needs to be a period or 'settling' introduced.
  11. Deadmode


    This isn't a suggestion, it's a whine. You haven't suggested anything. Just 'fix the lag' he says! What response do you want? "Ok we're hitting the big, red FIX switch right now for you!" Judging by your post, I assume you are referring to clientside performance rather than actual network latency? I don't know what you think animated grass would cause issues such as you describe. Also, plenty of people run this game just fine, myself included. It sounds to me like you are running this game on a system that is below the recommended specs. If you're going to post a 'suggestion' regarding a performance issue, why not post your system specs so someone can actually help you improve things. Remember though, this is a game currently in development and you should expect issues such as this; it's not finished. If they released a final build and performance was awful, I'd say differently. If you're trying to run an unoptimised beta build of a game on a low-end machine then I do know what you were expecting.
  12. I have responded twice to posts in recent days that involve the damage or medical system in the game so, to save multiple posts and to get my idea out there a bit more to see if it's any good (), I thought I'd post it here. It's actually more of an expansion on the existing system, rather than a total rework of the current system. The idea is to add only a little more variation to the damage model and allow for a greater degree of realism without creating player bullet-sponges or taking away the fact that, if you get shot up badly, you will likely still die in a few seconds or bleed-out round the corner! Hopefully, I've described the proposed system well enough for you to understand what I'm aiming for here. Let me know your thoughts! ----------------------------------------- Body parts current have 4 'states' - healthy, damaged, blackened or, with limbs, broken. I propose an additional state added, which is destroyed. It would work like this: Damaged parts can be healed just as they can be currently. Blackened parts incapacitate that area and cause serious side-effects but can be recovered with a special med item (blood kit or similar) and then healed as normal once 'brought back'. Damage to blackened parts will still cause overall HP loss to rest of body, as well as likely pushing that part to the next state... Limbs that take damage beyond a threshold when black will be rendered 'destroyed' which cannot be recovered as is permanently gone and will incur the most serious side-effects. The different body parts would behave something like this: HEAD Blackened = unconscious (player falls, is alive but incapacitated with black screen. Can regain consciousness with teammate interaction for a time duration [10 seconds of 'shaking', let's say] or a certain amount of time if left alone. The player can still die if they are unable to administer aid to any serious wounds before they regain consciousness (could be a good excuse for some basic co-op medical aid system). Destroyed = Dead Note: Most decent calibre rounds to the head will still likely cause destroyed/dead state outright. CHEST Blackened = Very limited stamina (lungs effected), any exertion causes screen blurring as fighting for breath. Gradual overall HP loss. Destroyed = Dead STOMACH Blackened = Faster dehydration (fluid loss, but alongside reworked dehydration system), reduced stamina and screen pain effects when turning without painkillers (simulating extreme pain to move/twist), slight overall HP loss. Destroyed = Rapid overall HP loss and death is likely without extraction. Extreme 'pain effects' when moving. No stamina. ARMS Blackened = Increased weapons sway. Broken = Massively increased weapon sway. Screen 'pain' effects when operating equipment. Painkillers will reduce the pain only and morphine will almost completely remove pain effects. Destroyed = Same as broken but pills have little to no effect and morphine only slight pain reduction. If right arm, reduced trigger response/semi auto fire (simulating serious muscle damage) LEGS Blackened = Reduced movement speed, screen 'pain' effects. Painkillers reduce these effects somewhat. Morphine will allow almost full-speed movement and far greater reduction of effects compared to pills. Broken = Seriously reduced movement speed and no running. Increased HP loss when jumping/falling/running alongside worse screen 'pain' effects. Painkillers only reduce screen effects. Destroyed = Same as broken but with all painkillers having only slight effects. ----------------------------------------- The benefits to this extra state and mechanics include: It would stop you insta-limping when you take a round to the legs giving you a more realistic mechanical reaction to gunshot wounds. This should act as a little light simulation of adrenaline giving you that barrier for a few seconds against the damage as your body reacts to the trauma. It will reduce the effectiveness and current magical properties of the painkilling meds in the game so that with serious damage to limbs you will be heavily impeded with movement and shooting and not able to pop some pills and run to extract, making these meds more realistic and damage more deadly. It will also introduce the chance of falling unconscious through direct damage or through HP loss to other areas (simulating you going into shock through blood loss) and presenting another danger. If co-op med interaction comes in, then this will be mitigated and able to be managed. It also gives players another chance of survival, as they can regain consciousness and potentially extract. It also means that not all bodies are dead... More realistic reaction to trauma of chest and stomach. Heavily relies on a reworked dehydration system though! Let me know what you think or any counter-ideas or expansion on this!
  13. Wrong. Closed beta started this year. I bought the EOD edition mid 2017 when the game was still in Alpha and only EOD gave access. The development for Star Citizen also started that year, and they have hundreds of millions in their development budgets and they are no further along than EFT is with massive studios built worldwide for the development of that game. I think you underestimate the work required to develop a new IP from concept to fruition, especially when faced with some of the technical hurdles BSG have encountered, such as upgrading to a newer version of the engine which resulted in most of the game having to be re-written and the other points raised in the above post. The only thing I can agree with you on is the fact that this game should not be classed as being in Beta phase of development, because it isn't. It is still in Alpha. That doesn't escape the fact that we are testing an unfinished game that will certainly be broken in places, buggy in others and with some features and systems way down the pipeline. What you also don't seem to realise is we have absolutely no right to demand anything of the developers. All we are entitled to is a finished game with the features they promised at pledge. If they fall short on the final game, then we have some recourse, but until then, we have to do our part as testers and help the development process by playing and reporting things that break. If you didn't want to experience a buggy game or get easily frustrated with the development processes then you should have kept your cash in your wallet and waited for the release. Simple as that. You obviously have difficulty with social situations and communicating with people. You are clearly the one acting immaturely. Your first riposte to our replies was to personally insult us and spew hostility throughout the rest of this thread. As I said before, that kind of attitude will get you absolutely nowhere in forums, and also in life.
  14. If you don't want to publicly discuss anything on a public forum, I would suggest that you don't post on a public forum. Try raising a support ticket if you feel there is a bug or issue that needs addressing. Please remember you are testing the beta build of the game. You are playing a very bug-ridden build and it is part of your role as a tester to find and report them...properly. Also, your post is actually nothing but a wall-of-text rant and whine with nothing constructive for anybody to work on. Your hostile stance when posting a question is very unlikely to yield a supportive answer too, so it's basically a waste of time and energy. Time and energy that could've been spent testing the penetration of rounds through that truck to give a good report to the developers...
  15. Deadmode

    this will split the player community.

    Actually, reporting bugs properly means that it not only correctly notifies the team of a new bug report and is properly filed and handled and also highlights the commonality of issues, but you also include the necessary log files for them to actually debug the problems. Just watching videos on YouTube does not give the developers enough information to actually find what may be causing certain issues and therefore be able to fix them. Also, if the team spent time on YouTube hunting for bug report videos, they are not efficiently working through the backlog of bugs. I assume you haven't filed a bug report in your time testing the build? Morphine and meds working instantly is a placeholder mechanic. Do your research. Eventually, they will be applied with an accompanying animation that will hinder your character accordingly and also take effect more accurately. If you have 1hp on your limbs and head, then you are not dead, but you are f***king close to it! Shrugging off rounds isn't quite true. Many rounds are impeded by armour and also most players miss more shots than they realise if they examined their gameplay footage carefully. Shrugging off rounds also happens IRL too; there are numerous documented cases of people taking multiple gunshots and still being effective in combat/an active threat. It's usually accompanied with high adrenaline. Environmental objects protecting from grenades is probably your better point here, but unfortunately, there are limits to the game engine and/or processing power needed to calculate fully destructible environments. If it's the latter, I'd rather have smoother gunplay at the cost of solid couches. No snow? You've seen a small handful of the locations that will be available in the final game, there may still be snow yet. Also, not all of Russia has snow, especially not all year round. All that said, whilst the game aims to be realistic, there will always be a need to balance mechanics and systems to allow for practical gameplay. I would say 'fun' gameplay, but that is subjective. When balancing these things, however, they will always bias towards the realistic end of the spectrum. You're right, it would, but I think you've jumped on this by taking it a little literally. They have also stated in the same way that the game can be played solo start to finish, so there's your answer. There will be other exits available, as there is now, and some of these will be affected in the way Twerkins says as they will likely be the shorter/quicker/useful extracts, but there will always be one available, it just might be right at the end of the map. Personally I don't see anything alarming at all in that post by Twerkins and I'm actually glad that BSG stick to their guns in making their game without pandering to fragments of the community who think this is a different game than it is. Oh, and this is just baseless rumours. As you say, you have nothing to back it up with, so until you do, try not to stir the pot. We all know that BSG are a small team and that this is a difficult project. It does not mean that they are underdeveloped or winging it.