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  1. Deadmode

    Weapon Balancing

    Yes, on both counts, unfortunately.
  2. Deadmode

    Weapon Balancing

    The current build is known for having awful dersync and other netcode issues such as hit registration, this means that out of your supposed 16 rounds fired on target, there is a strong chance that many did not register as even being fired or even hitting, hence the high rounds-to-kill. There's no defense for it per se, but there is a good explanation for it. I would wait until patch 0.10 drops VERY soon, as that is supposed to have many fixes relating to these causes and much more, and should be a much more smooth, stable and consistent EFT experience. At least that's what I hope for!
  3. Deadmode

    Weapon Balancing

    1) You missed my point entirely that those players with a smaller stash don't keep loadouts but rather buy what they need as and when. Several of my squadmates has the basic edition and do just this. They buy the weapons, mods and armour they need before a raid. There's no difference between having that gear in your stash, or having it in cash form, just that EoD owners have a choice to do either, more often than not. 2) Most players should not be hoarding loot at all as you need to transact money with the traders in order to level them up and unlock better gear. The thing that most EoD owners should be doing is using that extra stash space to keep quest items, not tons and tons of loot. I never have a stash full of random takings from a raid, I always convert that to cash to level my traders up and fund the gear I want. This means that your theory of EoD owners holding more loot gives them an advantage is incorrect and rather a disadvantage as they are severely hindering their ability to rank their traders and unlock better gear. Sure, they have a few spare guns, but that's all they get for a long time playing like that. 3) My argument is not invalid at all. Anyone can kill you just as easily in a raid. The starting gear that EoD owners have is usually lost or sold within the first few raids. It does not affect their ability to level anywhere near as drastically as you think. This whole "most EoD owners run around as terminators" theory is just plain preposterous and actually laughable. You have absolutely no basis for that assertion and clearly no idea what you are talking about. Anybody can acquire the gear to be a 'terminator' regardless of their package in the same amount of time. As I've said, it's not the guns you get given or the stash space at the start - it's being good at the game, surviving raids with loot that you sell to get XP and cash. That's what gets you top gear quick. Your claim that all the EoD owners are successful and that's why only non-EoD players are in Scav raids trying to claw back gear or doing hatchet runs is based purely on assumption again. You will never see my yellow name in a Scav run because I don't enjoy playing as a Scav. If any other players feel the same way that instantly blows that theory out of the water. Also, the most common reason for hatchet runs isn't because people are low on gear, it's actually to run to high-loot locations like the marked room before anyone else or to complete a task without being slowed with lots of gear or minimal risk from being killed during the quest. I have not ignored facts at all, I just disagree that any facts you state support your argument. Also, this whole 'terminator' theory of yours is borne purely from frustration that you struggle to succeed in this game and you are looking to blame something else other than your own weaknesses as a player for it. The fact that there are just as many successful non-EoD players as those with EoD itself proves that your claims are wrong. So please, stop complaining about something that has already been discussed to death and found NOT to be pay-to-win by the vast majority of the playerbase and the leading Youtubers and streamers alike. Instead, spend that energy analysing why your play is not giving you the results you would like because there is more than enough evidence out there to show you that any player, with any EFT package, with any loadout can succeed in a series of raids if they know how to play the game well.
  4. Deadmode

    Weapon Balancing

    @Biariuakbar Listen, nobody here is denying that the EoD package gives an advantage. What we are arguing is the amount of an advantage that gives. An increased stash, gamma and trader rep certainly helps, but it makes absolutely ZERO difference in a raid, which is what your OP accused the owners of the EoD package as having. Yes, a bigger stash helps, but it will not stop your ability to have good gear. Successful players with smaller stashes tend to keep themselves 'fluid' by having larger sums of money to buy loadouts as and when they need them, whereas EoD owners might keep a few loadouts ready to go. It does not, however, stop the non-EoD owners from entering a raid with top gear. Yes, a higher trader rep can help as it might skip a quest for a trader to unlock their next levels, but that's it. A keen player without EoD can still play an additional quest and have the same access to loot. Yes, a gamma container definitely helps out, but it does not affect my ability to kill players in a raid, merely helps me take in a few more supplies or bring out a couple of extra dog tags guaranteed. I also have to state again that during a raid you have absolutely no idea who you are fighting and what loadout they have and you can be killed just as easily by an EoD player or not. An EoD player can one-tap you in the face hitbox with a Vepr he grabbed from a Scav and so can a non-EoD player. A non-EoD player can go into a raid in full top-tier armour with a FAL and waste you in seconds, so can anyone who has access to that gear. You get a handful of bits with EoD, most of it is f*****g bandages and bottled water, a kiver and a fort and an SV-98 (which I usually sell straight away), otherwise, it's certainly not endgame gear or anything close to a press kit. Finally, I want to ask you why the hell you think I shouldn't have something to say a huge THANK YOU for spending a massive sum of money to support the development of the game? I think the EoD package is a great way of doing that without unbalancing the actual moment-to-moment experience of an Escape From Tarkov raid. Stop moaning. Either buy EoD or don't. Either way, you will see that it makes no difference. What actually makes a difference to your success is getting better at the game and managing the resources you have.
  5. Deadmode

    Weapon Balancing

    I would also like to add that the game currently suffers from MANY issues regarding poor netcode, desync and hit registration. These are hopefully being fixed or remedied in the upcoming 0.10 patch (finally). This means that these seemingly invincible players will be much easier to kill now as before, most of your shots likely weren't even registering in one way or another.
  6. Deadmode

    Weapon Balancing

    You are totally incorrect. EoD is not pay to win and it does not give an advantage in raids at all. The only advantages it offers is a slightly higher starting trader reputation and a larger stash size. The people you are getting killed by in game are just experienced players who have built up their player level, trader level and gear so over time through playing the game that means they have access to those higher tier weapons and loadouts. You don't automatically have access to that stuff from the start as an EoD owner. You can reach that stage in the game regardless of the pre-order pack you buy. Trust me. I'm an EoD owner and long-time player of this game and this patch-wipe I am level 14 scratching to get to Prapor lvl 2 so that I can get slightly better weapons and attachments without having to rely on what I pull from raids.
  7. Deadmode

    Grenade around corners

    This is just you trying to bump your thread. Nobody has replied in nearly 2 months dude.
  8. Deadmode

    Blacklist / Karma

    What a great way to spend developer's time, sifting through all those reports. Again, let's just have third-party anticheat.
  9. Deadmode

    Silent Walking

    You're quite sure it's happening to everyone based on what evidence? As stated by someone else above, you are not completely silent with lots of gear at low speed, but you are much quieter. It is a good balance as it is, seeing as you can sneak up on people but still risk being heard and an easier target to hit should you be spotted, as you are moving so slowly. I always clear areas before looting and leave the loot if I hear anything out of the ordinary and can honestly say I've never been killed whilst looting in a very long time. I recommend focusing on sound a lot more when looting and learning to hear anything different to the standard looting sound effects.
  10. Deadmode

    Nerf Melee

    You did get outplayed. The hatchet-runner was at a massive disadvantage against you. He took the opportunity of you being preoccupied and hurt to strike and kill you. Just because you play twitch shooters doesn't mean anything here as the mechanics in this game are far more realistic. Being one hit with a hatchet or being one-tapped with a makarov, it doesn't matter. You only think it's ridiculous because you're salty and angry. What I find ridiculous is that you cannot see that it is a legitimate way of playing and that you got owned fair and square. Also, I'm pretty sure you can melee one-tap people in all of the games you mentioned in your post, what's so different here? You touched on a good point with the persistent health system that's incoming. That will make hatchet-running less viable but they will still exist. It's actually much harder to hatchet run profitably now since the nerfs and they are extremely easy to kill. In fact, I can count on one hand how many times I've died to a hatchet in over a year of play. I suggest you pick your engagements a little better and work on your situational awareness.
  11. Deadmode

    Blacklist / Karma

    No. This is open to abuse. I would rather see proper third-party anticheat implemented than lots of childlike tale-telling on players.
  12. Deadmode

    Health/Medical/Damage Model Rework Idea

    Not really, the standard meds will still work in most cases. I think you misunderstand the proposed system a bit. You wouldn't need to leave the moment you get hit at all. The damaged state will be a further state that impedes the player, rather than just causing near-instant death with further damage incurred. To get the damaged state, you'd have to be pretty f****d up anyway and would likely die in the current system too. Legs are very rarely protected IRL. There's no getting around that. I also expect that if your legs are shot up so badly that you cannot walk, that extraction should be near impossible anyway. Why should you be able to walk/run to extract after taking a sh*t ton of leg damage? What's not impossible, though, is finding somewhere to dump your gear before trying to get out. People forget that this game is about surviving, not fighting. Fighting is just a consequence of trying to survive. You don't always have to fight. Yes, if you decide to fight and you do it badly and get shot, that's a mistake right there, and so is getting ambushed. People shouldn't expect to take some painkillers and get right back to slinging bullets. Also, the proposed system isn't any more deadly than what is already in place, but instead modifies the body response to extreme damage thresholds and importantly stops painkilling meds being the wonderdrug they are. You are right that my proposal may make people more likely to run when getting engaged. That's what you are supposed to do to a degree anyway; run to cover and then decide whether this is a fight you can win. You shouldn't be able to stand and trade lead endlessly. Again, many people forget that the idea is not to get shot at all, not just survive gunshots longer than your enemy. Fighting in this game is already brutal but I think that it is not brutal enough in many cases, such as people clearing waves of scavs and players on factory by spamming morphine and salewas when they should be pretty heavily messed up. If you get into any engagement in EFT it should be life and death and it should have the right consequences. I can understand your argument that maybe the game doesn't need to punish players further, though, and that's a solid argument. Thanks for the response.
  13. Deadmode

    About me being Lonely and Anti-Social

    No, I read your post in full. Just because it's not the response you were hoping for doesn't mean it can't be helpful. As I said in my post, the game either isn't for you or you need to learn how to play it properly. That's the choice you face. Also, if you're expecting success going in with only makarovs then you need to know exactly how to be effective with it otherwise you are at a huge disadvantage. Grab an SKS and don't be afraid to get stuck in. It's a lot harder than you think and currently there are no modding resources for EFT either. They can't 'just do it'. They also want 2028 to be something good, not a single-player afterthought. I'd rather it was developed properly.
  14. Deadmode

    About me being Lonely and Anti-Social

    To quote another post I made recently on a similar topic, you bought the wrong game. Yet again I have to quote the opening line from the EFT homepage: "Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough." That is literally screaming THIS IS AN ONLINE PVP GAME and if you have bought it wanting to avoid PVP then you have made a mistake. If you want to play Escape From Tarkov, then you must adapt to suit the game, not try and get the game adapted to you.
  15. Deadmode

    Health/Medical/Damage Model Rework Idea

    I'm not disputing that penetration isn't chance based, I'm saying that if a guy in Fort is killed with 4 shots in one encounter but 20 in another, that such a huge disparity would be due to desync failing to register many of the shots. In properly controlled tests that eliminate the netcode variables you will find that the time to kill that target and the shots required should be very similar each time. Penetration may be chanced based, but it is still factored by the round's penetration stat. This is the best way to accurately model the deviations that occur at an extremely fine level, with that bullet reacting to every fiber in the armour as it passes. To calculate to that degree would be insane and incredibly resource-hungry, so it's better all-round to model that with a small amount of RNG. HP/AP are not damage types, but bullet types designed for different applications that have their one damage stats. The damage stat for bullets is the amount of damage it does to the target, obviously. By their very nature an AP round and a HP round will damage an unarmoured target entirely differently, with the HP round expanding on impact causing huge damage and the AP round mostly passing straight through. You then have a penetration stat to reflect those round's ability to pass through armours and materials. The AP round will score better here, obviously, but that HP round that is designed to hit soft targets and expand will just do that to the armour and not pass through as well. So this is why you have a lower damage stat for the AP rounds over HP and a separate penetration stat. You cannot use your suggestion of DamageType*Speed because you need a number to multiply, hence the damage stat itself.