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  1. i love this game, but im done

    Well to be frank Scavs were an issue when I started with the game. Every patch they change their behavior and I did get killed this patch at the beginning because I was not used to them doing the dropshots. Took me 2-3 days but now I am back to not being killed by Scavs again. You are touching on a much broader problem - if you make Scav's easier, more skilled players are just going to steamroll them every time and it will neither be fun nor challenging for them. It is a very thin line to balance AI to cater to both skilled and casual players.
  2. i love this game, but im done

    I much preffer the current Scavs than the punching bags we had 4-5 patches back. You should be happy you did not see them during the great Scav upgrade. They were always instantly shooting you in the head and did not need to see you. Now you at least need to be in their view cone for them to activate on a longer distance. Also - the Scavs and the game are going to get harder, not easier in time. Might not be the game for you if you can't accept that.
  3. No sound could be attributed to US rounds as they are extremely quiet even on close ranges. If you got shot by a high caliber such as RSASS or SKS you could have been just dropped by someone who had a good position.
  4. Im done

    Yeah - the V sync has claimed so many lives...
  5. Had the same run in with traders. Mine was even more hilarious as I killed them next day trying to trade more stuff
  6. Brazil needs servers now!

    Currently the game is experiencing a massive influx of players. Even regions such as Europe are expecting high waiting times of upwards of 10-15 minutes when it used to be instant a few weeks back. New servers are ordered but once the hype and free accouts expire it will come back to the old wait times.