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  1. SirGaara

    Random Immersion events

    I like these idea's a lot. More sounds besides the crickets would be cool. The thunder for example is very nicely done
  2. Scavs: very simple. Change your negative attitude so people want to play with you in a team. When you play in a team scavs are less of a problem. Hackers: Being worked on, and if you have a lot of trouble with scavs. I think sometimes people that are good you can hacker. Interchange is not the only map being played... I have no idea why you say this actually. You must not have played Tarkov for so long. I think most people agree that you can find better loot in Shoreline than Interchange. Also Woods is still played a lot by geared players with long distances rifle. Custom is played for the nice mix and lots of quests. Also marked room is a reason Factory is played for its fast and quick action.
  3. Another hatching topic. 1. Hatchlings like to go from zero to hero You will never stop those. But those are hatchlings that want to loot and kill. So I think most people 'like' these 2. You have the Hatchlings that rush important places (marked room, Woods circle) and then discconect or try to extract. Bringing a weapon only slows them down in their run to the place they want to go to. Because you have these still unguarded high lootable places. You will have people rushing it. If they need to bring and RSASS to get an RSASS it will defeat their purpose. So going in naked and get out with Keybars and Document briefcases makes the Hatchlings run. Randomize the loot or let the high loot places (shore line is full of them) be guarded and you force the hatchlings to arm themself 3. Hatchinling that do missions and finding keys. Sometimes you find yourself back looking for 30 packs of sigarettes. You can dress yourself up like a 500.000 roubles warrior to get 5 packs of sigarettes but you die most looking pockets of vests. People don't want to risk gear for finding sigarettes when they can also rush in and put it in their secure container. (Possible solution, drop the numbers in quest items you need to gather and let them count as quest items so that you NEED to extract and not just rush in and let yourself die) Then you fix most problems. Hatching have nothing to do with the price of pistols. They don't care to carry one because they only focused on a specific task. They want to spawn quickly to get stuff and quickly again to get more. Not edit their character and play with the typ of bullets they want to bring. They MIGHT do this but then as a real PMC fully geared. I have nothing against Hatchlings myself, only against the 1000 of topics that now excist on how to get rit of them haha.
  4. SirGaara

    is the escape from tarkov book "the predator" any good?

    Yes, I'm at Chapter 4 and I must say 1. the reading for me is,, slower than normal and that has to do with the way of writing. There are some small spelling mistakes or grammer errors. But it does not make the book unreadable. Just sometimes a little slower to read. 2. Some words are repeated a lot of times, this is when you suddenly notice it a little annoying. 3. I would love to have the hard or soft cover indeed. Especially with more books coming I can place them on my shelf. I now printed out the book on A4 paper... 4. Story line is good, love to get a deeper understanding of the lore
  5. SirGaara

    Scopes & FOV zoom

    This is also bothering me, I wanted to make a topic about this. Then i used the search function and i saw you already did. Sadly no one ever gave you a reply. However yes. I think the 'zoom' outside of the scope should not be affected at all. Now you can smuggle a little by using the extra zoom on both sides of the screen to keep a better look on your corners. I think the zooming should happen ONLY in the scope and not arround. This would add to the realism of the gameplay but also make the scope look better
  6. SirGaara

    Developer Communication - On Updates.

    Well you can now board the 'hype train' because they released the patch notes. You say lack of communication is death to these games (i understand what you mean and agree with you) But i feel tarkov is not close to this point. And I feel that a very negative communitie that should be supportive about the game, yet only complains a lot will be the death to these kind of games. Support it in a positive way is better then just nag and complain about stuff. There are SO many topics about "when is the wipe" "when is the update" This is not needed in my eyes, that why i mention the zero tolerance. You don't need to mute people but make one topic, complain there and wait for answer. Again, I also understand people are excited and want answers, at least they are excited about the game which is good.
  7. SirGaara

    Developer Communication - On Updates.

    All that complaining about the patch... There should be a zero tolerance about all the whining here. Just keep quite and wait... when it's ready they will release it. How difficult can it be. If you don't like the game right now then don't play it. Come back later. If they release patch notes and 1 little tiny thing will not be in there because they felt force to release the patch notes because of all the whining here, then people massively start to complain about the patch notes being incomplete and that they lied to you. And that the game is going to look like no man sky with fake promises. People are too spoiled these days. Or the avarage player base age is younger than i thought. Devs, please take your time and when the patch is ready let us know. Looking forward on how this great game will turn out even better
  8. SirGaara

    Talking Tarkov Podcast

    Basically I would love to see 1 of my questions answered because I see this come back so often. - How will loot be dealt with in the future, will it become more random? Or will we magically find documentcases appear in the witch circle on dorms marked room. Why I would love to see this answerd is because it will slow down the hatchling runs. And forces players to see more of the world because every pocket of a vest or file cabinet can contain precious loot. Instead of farming for keys, or rushing high loot places.
  9. Instead of shooting the guy you should have asked him to unlock the door for you Just kidding. It's a known error, Dev's will look into this and fix it with next patch im sure
  10. SirGaara

    EFT Predator Grammar inspection

    People People, It is around 5 euro. it has 300 pages im sure it's finished. They just wanted to make a second print with some of the spelling mistakes being corrected. This happens with other books as well. Why does everyone always have to complain. If you find the investment too much than don't buy the book. Simple as that. But why you need to show your negativitie on this forum while the Devs just asked for some assistants. I hope the book will be a good success, me and my coworkers are excited about it and will order a copy asap.
  11. SirGaara

    New players

    Character name SirGaara Description A lone wolf, caught in the mess and fights in the downtown of Tarkov. His past A lot of his memory is unclear or missing. He has frequent black outs. He is looking for his purpose and idententy within the borders of Tarkov How did he get to Tarkov? He is unsure of this, he woke up in a old church in the Shoreline area. Predilections Marksmenship, hunting Friends None, he is a lone wolf. Stays to himself most of the time Wounds, and battles Only a cut on his chest, the wound healed by itself. Although roughly and not the most pretty scar. Aspirations None, he wants to find out who he is. The greatest achievement that character did Unknown Strength 20 Endurance 25 Accuracy 35 Sniper
  12. SirGaara

    Soon - Escape from Tarkov forum text RPG!

    Does this mean I can 'play' this on my phone? I miss some nice phone app, being it Lore or like this text advanture stuff. Or even better a connection with my character.
  13. Hello fellow players, First of all to the devs, if you read this. F*cking awesome update. Love shoreline map, love the new dynamic extraction and love the different sizes and dynamical sizes in stash!! I do however have couple of question/suggestions. 1. Will we see (near future or longer) smoke grenates. A tactical shooter like tarkov can't go without smoke. 2. Me and my friend play together and my friend made the suggestion. Why do you still only see yourself if you are in the loading screen. If you are as a team wouldn't it be awesome if you see yourself and your teammates while loading the map. You can check how they look, they loadout. Its easier to regonize people. And i think if you do like a 4 man team it looks awesome if you see for guys standing there. Boost team spirit. I would love to see this functionality. 3. Scavs are getting very very close to perfect. From what i seen them do (180 headshots) now they acts very good. But what bugs me a little is that if i walk around as scav, they are all my friends, if i then shoot a scav somewhere in a house. Scavs that are 500 meters away at a checkpoint will suddenly open fire. If they never seen me shoot there friend, then how do they know? Do i have scav killer written in blood on my forehead?? It would be more realstic if this is done a little better. 4. Just for fun.. I spawned as a scav wearing a bandana infront of his mouth, yet he was smoking a sigaret..