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  1. P226 and silencer

    U have to wait for a H&K Silencer for the P226 no other way possible right now
  2. Escape from Tarkov - Entwickler Tagebuch

    Vielen Dank für die Übersetzung Haku
  3. Can anybody else not sell items to skier?

    I have the same problem ... only skier didnt work ...
  4. Quest Mega Thread

    I was thinking that the bunker key leeds to part 2 of the Quest chemical p2 ... but i scanned all of the bunker with light ... nothing
  5. Patchnotes Update

    Schöne Übersetzung, vielen Dank Haku
  6. EFT account trading liability

    @Blackb1rd §5.6 (b) any hacking tools being used or that might be used in relation to the Services. Reshade has to be added as not allowed tools as many other PvP Shooter games do! With reshade u can make the night to day With reshade u can Make normal Player Textures Red Glowing (or other colors) Please add a detection for Reshade and make it officially banned! Tarkov is a Hardcore Survival PvP game with no Interface so please make it fair for everyone... Thanks!
  7. EFT account trading liability

    I have a security Question if I buy a Copy of this beautiful Game and make a giveaway on my stream is that allowed? Buy the Game and gift it to another person? Thanks for help, best regards, Abraxsus1983(Twitch Streamer)

    Reshade can be used to make night maps to day maps and u get a massive advantage over all other player... Reshade can be used to make every player Model RED Glowing or Blue Glowing.... Reshade is a cheat for me... If someone use this only for make his game more beautiful then all is fine. But we all know that the Humankind is dark ... and as more this tool will get common as more users will use this as a tool to cheat other players .... Just look @ the bug with pistols used out of the secure container ... I loose my gun if i loose a fight... the glitcher dont loose anything ... and he use this glitch (cheat in my opinion) to get an advantage over others with an unfair method... and people like this will allways use reshade for cheating other people. All Reshade users, have fun to flame me now. I will not read or react. Good bye unfair players.... Moderators Please shut down & delete all kind of Reshade Posts from this Forum, just before u have to handle more and more abuser...