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  1. teringlijerr

    Remove hunger and thirst

    i'm +++++ for taking this out of the game. i had this too many times death by hydration, full of ducking loot and dying on my way to extraction because i could not find a drink. i mean maybe make the effect to change instead of an almost instant death,. i mean in real life you would hallucinate for days before you die. besides that the idea is that you are a ducking mercenary or something right, or something like that. i understand you need to level but common guys lets keep this real.
  2. teringlijerr

    Made New Quest - filling ICase ;)

    lolol nice one
  3. teringlijerr

    Patch hype! 0.9 voorwaardelijke patch notes.

    ziet er goed uit man, thanks. idd mooi lijstje hopelijk komt hij snel uit jongens.
  4. teringlijerr

    I'm confused?

    lol you know if you take the role as a scav then you take one of the AIT scavs place. So what happned is players who as scav spawned killed the other scavs. So its not AI who did that but player. edit: is see you already understand that. So lets make this easy, if you are a scav and you kill a player scav (does not matter if its a player or AI). the rest of the round ALL other scavs be your enemy. So if you had not killed the player scav the others would be still friends with you. I understand you did not have an option (well im assuming this) but this is how thats working. my enlish is not great but i hope you understand now greetings
  5. teringlijerr


    yep this is a huge prob i agree
  6. teringlijerr

    Stash sort button

    yea this is what we need so badly + i think the devs should get us some more inventory space.
  7. teringlijerr

    Wrong game version?

    yep https://twitter.com/bstategames
  8. teringlijerr

    Wrong game version?

    so i think we can update soon, a hotfix if im correct;
  9. teringlijerr

    Wrong game version?

    guys i checked twitter - 12 mins ago this post: Battlestate Games‏ @bstategames 12 min12 minuten geleden Update has just started. Approximate time of update - 40 minutes #EscapeFromTarkov 5 antwoorden 8 retweets 25 vind-ik-leuks https://twitter.com/bstategames
  10. teringlijerr

    Wrong game version?

    yep me2
  11. teringlijerr

    Mouse bugging out

    yo i had this too! solution for for the prob (well it worked for me) is make sure you dont have another device connected when playing escape from tarkov. im aiming at a ps4 controller, xbox controller or whatever what controller. this solved my prob. if this works for you (if you have an controller) them plz let me and others know. goodluck!
  12. teringlijerr

    left raid early

    same thing here guys, killed two pp in shorline map, raided some safe's and computers at an office building etc, got to the extraction after 25 min (was happy with my gear) lol and then boom "you ran through" in my face! besides that i dont really get the point of what is wrong with a ran through i mean if i spawn somewhere and there are bodies all over the place from (who ever did the shooting) and i loot the body's and for example i find a m4 or other high grade gear i would get the f*ck out of there to the extraction. <--- this is only an example (oh and i know my english is not perfect ^^ ). the devs should really get in to this and think about this. maybe get it out of the whole game. i mean when i run for about 25 mins i can tell u guys (when being low lvl) im out of water and i have no choise of getting out of there lo. < - an other example.
  13. teringlijerr

    605 no server found

    yep same probs here
  14. teringlijerr


    yep same here!