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  1. addbow

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    DiCaprio#5921 DiCaprio#5921
  2. Lower the cost of night vision goggles. I want to see more night time action, and not only hatchlings. I know this isn't your number 1 priority but please lord Nikita! //DiCaprio
  3. addbow

    Price of NVG is way to high.

    The price to pay for night vision goggles are way to high in my opinion and there is an inflation of players in the day time on every map. If they were to lower it to maybe 300 dollar or 350 dollars on peacekeeper we would see a lot more "in the dark action". Please consider this carefully, I really want to play night raids but my economy isn't allowing it. And I think a lot of the player base can agree with me here. //DiCaprio
  4. addbow

    PVE mode , hear me out

    I like this idea, I would also like to see some kind of PVE mode, BUT, I think that there should be separate stashes so you can't grind in PVE mode and use the gear grinded in the PVE mode for PVP! //DiCaprio
  5. They want to build this game based on realism, this is a realistic feature in real life and therefor in the game, I like the feat and I don't know why you don't. If you are gone for a while and you come back you have something to achieve and something to strive for again. //DiCaprio
  6. addbow

    Companion app

    They have already stated that they will add a companion app for phones in the future, not their number one priority though! //DiCaprio
  7. addbow

    what happend?

    This will eventually die out, when ever the implement surgery cost after being killed. But yes I feel you. A lot of people play hatchet runs to get money so they can get gear that they wont use because they have greafear, I play hatchetruns (sometimes) because I think it's fun to have nothing and go to have something! cheers
  8. Hey man, Imagine if everyone did this, it would be chaos, please consider working for that money, it's not that hard just do some neighbor chores or something.
  9. I have now made 3 friends buy Escape from tarkov and all three of them love it. I am so glad I can be a part of this expanding community and I hope one day we will be the biggest and best! Remember to invite your friends to streams so they can see the game. You never know if they might like it, and eventually buy it! //DiCaprio
  10. addbow


    Sure, I get that, though this was posted in the suggestions area, I didn't really mean it as a suggestion since you have already answered this question before, and BSG said no. I was just wishing // Dicaprio
  11. addbow


    Just to inform everyone that has commented, I didn't mean that the female PMCs would have smaller hitboxes och any advantage. I thought it would be a better and more free way to costumize your character, just like i want BSG to add hair styling and beard styling and skin colour etc! // DiCaprio
  12. addbow


    Just a simple question, how do you become a moderator on the forums? I have no intentions to become a moderator, atleast not now, maybe in the future. Just wanted to know how the current moderators became what they are today, cheers! //DiCaprio
  13. addbow

    Landmines/anti personnel mines

    I know and I understand what you mean, but have like a limit of mines that you can deploy and they whould be visable, so giving away sound or visual cues! and all though this was posted in suggestion I just wanted community feedback!
  14. Is there any thoughts of adding mines to the game? I would like to see mines that could black your legs but not kill you. Thoughts about this community?!
  15. addbow

    Separate PVE Mode

    Yeah, but there should be different stashes, so one PVP stash and one PVE stash, otherwise gear would lose it's value real fast, good idea tho and i see the good stuff in it! Just walking around with ya squad prepping for the PVP and ripping som flesh! cheers