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  1. Electric_Tiger

    New headset. Suggestions please!

    ^ I really have enjoyed my Steelseries Arctis Pros that come with a digital to analog converter. It's a nice package and it super easy to set up your own equalizer settings on. Sennheiser is my next goal, but I need to save up and research what DAC would compliment them well.
  2. Electric_Tiger

    We need E-Book about Hatchlings.

    Only if it is erotica. "Hatchet Love". It's a working title.
  3. Electric_Tiger

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the hatchetling on Woods earlier tonight.. I'm sorry. I missed those Mosin shots, and I thought after you went behind the tree you'd try to zig-zag your way to me. You yelled out, "Cease fire!" but I decided to have a manly one-on-one with hatchet versus hatchet. I had nothing to gain, you would have gotten a mosin and medicine... Instead I come around the tree and you drop a key in my face right as I bury my metal in your skull. I lost your dogtog so I don't remember your name. Rest in piece...
  4. Electric_Tiger

    Sherpa Program promovideo!

    I'm even more bummed out that I didn't get accepted now! The recon gear out looks sweet, too. Oh well, I'll just have to be on the lookout for pairs of good loot opportunity now.
  5. Electric_Tiger

    having to complete quests twice

    Did you do your quests?
  6. Electric_Tiger


    Mine was always this way since the "support" for 21:9 was released. Are you running 3440x1440? By technicality this is not a 21:9 ratio, but most people lump it in as one. I'm thinking if you're like my friends and I, true 1440 ultrawide support still has a way to go before being a thing.
  7. Electric_Tiger

    Remove Flea market

    I'm just afraid when I go to sell it, the price will dip. It always seems to happen to me. Instead I'll just keep farming, use it, then sell it with no chance of profit loss.
  8. Electric_Tiger

    Remove Flea market

    I'm loving it! Who needs millions of roubles when I can spend 800,000 on a key I need to finish this mission? I might be smiling on the outside, but I'm crying on the inside..
  9. Electric_Tiger

    PVE Runs vs PVP

    I like to tell people to get comfortable with a few budget loadouts. I like tokarev, as it allows me to load in without even a chest rig of any kind. The same goes for the mosin, but recently the price has been going up on it, whole the performance remains the same or has become slightly worse. Just hang in there! The only thing that stops me from rage quitting is knowing more wipes will come! Take this as an opportunity to get to know how brutal the end result will be, and try to enjoy the game kicking YOUR butt for once.
  10. Electric_Tiger

    Black Friday 30% discount!

    I wish we with EoD could be offered something that truly is limited during these events.
  11. I think a person's general reputation on the forum should be taken into consideration. Hell, maybe even in-game stats could help decide. However, I think forum participation is required. I've helped many friends get into this game (about 6 so far) and would love to help other people. However, I would rather be a Sherpa so if a person went through the process to request a Sherpa, you know he is more serious about learning. Most PUGs in my discord servers are simply looking for carries and handouts, they are not trying to learn the game. I would like to know how people are notified once they're accepted into the program.
  12. Electric_Tiger

    Fog is ruining gameplay

    That sounds like a you problem.. I only get fog on my scope when there's actually thick fog on woods. Even those big end-game scopes are clear for me.
  13. Electric_Tiger

    It's bad when Pestily makes a vid on Scavs

    That's because the scavs have been eating all the carrots... have you noticed none have been seen in the game?
  14. Electric_Tiger

    It's bad when Pestily makes a vid on Scavs

    Once they can fix the fact that scavs can see through walls, I think that they would be in a great spot at the moment.
  15. Electric_Tiger

    reporting a hacker

    I just want to get in here before you are warned, this is locked, and you get upset and sad react the moderator for locking it.