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  1. Electric_Tiger

    What is skill?

    Skill is understanding your weapon. Most people think they're hitting heads, but because their sight isnt aligned properly they are hitting stomach and arms. Situational awareness is key to a survival game, especially Tarkov. For now patience isn't the meta, but I promise you this skill is more impartant than being able to aim - this idea will be much more prevalent when medical animations are finally implemented.
  2. Electric_Tiger

    Any use for Gas Analyzers ?

    I honestly just gave up hoarding them and sold them. The things I value most are blue tape, duct tape, alkali, and some other misc items for armor trades. I have a sticky note of barter items on my monitor, and Gas Analyzers aren't even on it.
  3. Electric_Tiger

    Remington 700 rifle coming soon (TM)

    I'm hoping the double barrel will be soon. They needed to figure out loading individual rounds, which iirc was the holdup on the mosin. That was because the guy in charge of that was helping with network issues. I think now we will see faster progress with the shotgun and revolver. I can already see people calling the Chiappa OP... I just hope they get the point that the 357 isnt great versus armor at all, that'll help the balance.
  4. Electric_Tiger

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    You can read the rest or don't. That's up to you.
  5. Electric_Tiger

    *Patch Installation has Started*

    You shouldn't be. You run a risk of breaking your game. Wait until its completed.
  6. Electric_Tiger

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    Half of the worlds population could play this game. You're right, that would make it better. However, that is not the point I am trying to make. If their sales increase, the level of hardcore should never decrease; yet some of the best ideas I have seen for this game have been born and ultimately ignored on these forums.. There is very little interaction from community managers and developers here. I understand that developers are busy, but isnt that why we have community managers? Right now all I see in interaction is the bare minimum, and since I've been here it seems like that has taken a toll on the quality of the game. Right now it seems like a lot of streamers are playing this game like it's a disgusting Call of Duty mutation. This brings in players looking at it like it is full of fast pace twitch gameplay. When something doesn't work out in that sense, they run to reddit and cry about it. Not just that, but iirc the last maintenances were announced everywhere but here - their 'official' forums. I can't even tell when Q&As will be, because I've never seen an attempt of announcing it before the questions are already answered and posted here. Most of the time I'm wondering where those questions even come from. That's my take on the process so far.
  7. Electric_Tiger

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    This game was advertised about not ever going to be catering to a large group of people. Reddit and streamers have proven that this is wrong.
  8. Electric_Tiger

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    Here's a good question for the development team that will never be answered; Is this game still going to be as hardcore as it was advertised to be? I'm tired of all these basic cutie streamers crying that the game is too difficult, and causing mayhem on your Reddit page (THAT ISN'T THIS FORUM -- THE ONE YOU SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION TO SEEING AS THE BETA FORUM IS ONLY ACCESSIBLE BY THOSE ABLE TO GET INTO THE BETA..). Why is this game becoming super casual? Why are you listening to people and kids, that I understood when I pre-ordered, that this game would not cater to? Is there any hope left? Will this still be hardcore; or should I just give up and assume I've been ripped off by people falsely advertising a product I wanted so badly to enjoy? I'm frustrated beyond all end. More so now that you decide to immortalize streamers that have been worsening the community overall by bringing in kids and young immature adults that demand you water down this hardcore experience; the sad part is that you've obliged and given in. I get that you want to make money, but this is beyond pathetic.
  9. Electric_Tiger

    Some Work in Progress Material

    "Our player base is upset that we're ruining the game by listening to whiny streamers. What should we do? Let's immortalize the streamers!" So can I expect the game to become more casual now?
  10. Electric_Tiger

    There are almost no hackers.

    Keep thinking I'm "d riding". You're just enforcing the statement I made that this game isn't intended for kids.
  11. Electric_Tiger

    There are almost no hackers.

    Okay, internet tough guy. I'm sure this game isn't made for kids, so I get why you're so upset.
  12. Electric_Tiger

    There are almost no hackers.

    You should see the 10+ pages of people accusing me of hacking in CS:GO or other games.. Blaming hacks won't make you better. If you think they're all hackers than don't worry about getting gud, because you're never going to be.
  13. Electric_Tiger

    Death by axe....

    What helmet? Does it cover ears, nape, face, jaws? If it only covers top, it's just for looks..
  14. Electric_Tiger

    Im having such a blast

    Keys are awful to find. I still can't find the Goshan key.. I'll totally trade you a factory for Goshan if you come across one
  15. This is why the internet hates Reddit. They're a bunch if crying casuals who dont ujdertsnd challenges are made to be difficult. At this rate, a Kotaku "journalist" will claim this game is easy...