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  1. Electric_Tiger

    reporting a hacker

    I just want to get in here before you are warned, this is locked, and you get upset and sad react the moderator for locking it.
  2. Electric_Tiger

    21:9 Problems

    Mine did, but after I did the aspect ratio I maxed out the FOV, went in, alt+f4, went back to settings and set it to 65, then reconnected. I'm trying to think of the cause..
  3. Electric_Tiger

    21:9 Problems

    I've found a workaround for the game. The trader menus are still squished. In the graphics settings, there is a new aspect ratio for 3440x1440. Mine was 4:3 and I swapped it to 25:16, then saved, then 3440x1440. Try this and see if ingame looks fine to you.
  4. Electric_Tiger

    21:9 Problems

    I'd love to go into the .ini files to try and manually set them -- but we know how pissy BSG gets about doing that! This is impossible to get a hit with!
  5. Electric_Tiger

    Recent Trader Discount & Unlock

    I now get to test new and crazy weapon builds where it doesn't matter if I lose the gear. I'm thinking people are going to catch on to my "No Stocks All Lasers" meta pretty soon.
  6. Electric_Tiger

    New animations showcase

    Me and my friend don't camp. We sit in an area and drink beers.. it's more fishing for gear than anything else. The new animations will prevent those bigger fish from just swimming away in the big green open fields.
  7. Electric_Tiger

    Remove Run Through System!

    You list the firefight. Even if you kill him, you failed in playing it as safely as possible. Think of it as a loss, with a chance to keep your gear.
  8. Electric_Tiger

    Sorry for the delay

    They've stated that they ran into some issues regarding the animations that they wanted to iron out first. I get that, I do, but at the same time I just ran every map except Customs and each one was dead. Shorelines had a player scav... the rest were the usual scavs. Not to mention, loot quality seems to have dropped massively.
  9. Electric_Tiger

    Reduce the aim of the Scav boss and his guards

    ^this Make them harder, please!
  10. Electric_Tiger

    Share your funniest/best squad experiences

    Hahaha wherever the scav boss is, is a horrible area to be at all times. Last night we were running through some bushes and noticed every scav bodyguard stacked on top of each other. I sprayed down their heads and they all dropped, but someone didn't like that and threw a grenade. We didn't make it out alive.
  11. Electric_Tiger

    Last Years New Year Gift

    It goes away when the limited edition runs out of available copies. Never.
  12. Electric_Tiger

    Experience with Sounds (Steps/Bushes/...)

    I've noticed that objects are starting to block sounds.. it seems like they're constantly tinkering with parameters. For example, stand behind some some bags and have a teammate walk away and towards you. Once the feet disappear "behind" the sandbags, the footsteps become very quiet - almost inaudible!
  13. Electric_Tiger

    Do you do this too?

    Well, I wasn't welcoming you in particular. Whenever I find dog tags of a very low level that is how I feel about it. Cooperating with strangers is something you've always been free to do, but it is very risky and rarely rewarding.
  14. Electric_Tiger

    Do you do this too?

    No. Welcome to Tarkov.
  15. Electric_Tiger

    Kill trading

    I honestly really like the reason behind it. It's got to be tamed, but in the future the possibility of discharge after death will be a cool immersion.