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  1. AMD Ryzen CPU optimizations in near future?

    Tried Process Lasso yesterday after finding out about it through this thread. Where before it was completely impossible to even go near the new area in Shoreline with settings lowest, i now had a steady 60 fps locked with atleast high settings, which dropped dropped down to 45 on ultra settings. I didn't have time to test with players but it definitely made me optimistic again for the future! Btw, my system runs on a Ryzen 5 1600 overclocked at 3.8GHz, 16GB RAM running at 3200Hz with Geforce GTX1060 graphicscard. Cant wait to test properly when i get back from a course in Germany, later this week. Thanks for the tip @PIK P. S. Last time i played was wih stock cpu at 3.2GHz, so the OC could also play its part. But i doubt it would make such a huge difference on its own.
  2. KIll them - take their shotguns and pistols - level traders - buy proper weapons - Win
  3. My first decent factory raid.

    Job well done! Yeah man, especially on Factory my heart usually works overtime! So rewarding when that counter reaches zero, your bag is filled and that exp bar just keeps going!
  4. Need a group? (Any Age or Skill level)

    I'd like to join. Came in on second Beta wave so i'm not that experienced, but I do have plenty of gaming years under the belt. Looking for some guys who's back i can watch and who can watch mine.
  5. What's up with the rain?

    Yeah it's been an expensive week! I dont know really. I still hope its for testing purposes.
  6. What's up with the rain?

    I read somewhere that they are just testing the servers for weather effects. Sure as hell hope it ends soon! Facfory went from being my least liked map to most liked because of the rain..
  7. The second wave of Beta admission starts!

    I ordered in January but upgraded in June and got in on the second wave.