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  1. they are adding underbarrel GL , so why not standard GL? and we have to remember that granades will be reworked next patch and will work better
  2. Rail Gas tube for AK

    I know this one , but the in game i think has a different handgrip that looks like the ak74m handgrip (lower part)
  3. Rail Gas tube for AK

    put the image here
  4. New Scav Protection System

    timer was reduced and karma system is coming
  5. Special weapons

    underbarrel GL is coming next patch
  6. Why I think Suppressors should NOT be nerfed

    they just need to make subsonic ammo work
  7. Special weapons

    there are RPG frag rockets designated for killing infantry
  8. Prioritize Hotkeyed Meds

    i dont think you should even be able to shot , run , aim .... while patching up . come on we need some drawbacks to this.
  9. What exactly is happening here?

    your PACA was ruined , and cause to desync the first shot didnt flinched you but it dealt dmg and the second killed you
  10. Game needs ballistic adjustment for realism.

    in the gamescon build it seemed that bullets deal dmg trought armor , in the case he was using fort and hit with a shotgun , curious to see the effect against rifles and using PACA EDIT: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169412267?t=03h41m20s
  11. Game needs ballistic adjustment for realism.

    actually, this dont make THAT of a difference , to kill in 2 chest shots the bullet needs 41 dmg (only 80 dmg would black out the chest) and there are much better AP rounds that deal more dmg against armor and flesh than this. somethings need a change (PACA armor absorving all of your chest kinect dmg)...
  12. Bullet velocity and damage/penetration

    it depends on the bullets , some things like velocity, core and tip composition will modify your chance to penetrate certain LVL armor
  13. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    i agree , why delete this feature that helps new players?
  14. PP ammo is poo compared to PS

    agree , you should be giving 5 dmg for increased penetration chance AND more dmg agaisnt armor. agree