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    Damage system

    This whole leg meta is getting out of hand. It honestly just makes bringing in gear not worth it. This is why I just sell forts and fast MT's. You either get one tapped in the head by either a player or scav and when it comes to fort if you get shot in the big toe 5 times, you are done for. It really takes the realistic factor completely out. BARELY anyone brings in fort and fast mt because it isn't worth it. And when you see people who DO bring in this gear they notice right away how garbage it is. This is why we see super low to mid-tier lvl guys just take down heavily geared players so easily when they really shouldn't be. This needs a fix or else gear just becomes worthless, it's another reason why we have hatchlings. I mean cmon armor is everything,, the devs gotta put more value into it so ppl will bring in gear to fight with. Don't do that and hatchlings will see armor as just another source of cash. I mean its like that with the DVL and SV98 atm. Disappointing....
  2. Evertimeless

    New players

    Character name Time Description A deadly sniper nicknamed Time, A talented rookie USEC accepted into the S.A.N.E sniper squad. Known for his amazing talents as a sniper, he got his name from his ability to neutralize enemies quickly and silently. His physical description being that of only black hair, one scar under his left eye and a fit/athletic body. Under his clothing Time only has one tattoo in which depicts an hourglass with sand running down the middle. His past Growing up as a child, his father was away for most of his life, leaving him to grow up mainly from his grandparents. His grandfather being a veteran, taught Time a lot about weaponry as well as teaching him out to shoot. Somewhere down the road, Time decided he would join the military. After his decision, he never looked back. Months go by and as a rookie he has made many mistakes but learned from each and every one of them, making his ability to sense out danger and spot the smallest of details a deadly force to be reckon with. His accuracy and precision as a sniper is among the elite being one of only 25 to complete the sniper training. How did he get to Tarkov? He was assigned a special mission that took place within the streets of Tarkov. Placed into a squad of elite members, everything seemed alright, but none had any idea as to what they were getting into. All was well until his team took a turn for the worst,being ambushed by BEARS causing him to be the only survivor. Placed under M.I.A, Time knew that his only way for escape was to survive and progress as little as possible, taking each step with caution and being weary of each person he came across. Predilections Growing up with weaponry, his favorite rifle was the Winchester Model 69 that his grandfather had stored in the shed. His weapon of choice today consists of OPS-SKS. Time really enjoys Cereal as that is what can mostly find while on his journey throughout tarkov. Friends Time does not have many friends, although, he came across a family hidden in bomb shelter. They took him in after he had lost his team. They nurtured him back to health and even bonded with him. The mother and daughter were kind and even the husband began bonding with Time, both becoming good friends. The family shrouded in mystery, it was only known to Time that the husband was a very much respected arms dealer. Wounds, and battles Time only has one scar which is located under his left eye. Aspirations The only aspiration Time has is to avenge his comrades and make it out of Tarkov, alive. The greatest achievement that character did Time, in the heat of his training was able to locate and hit a target over 4 km away. Some say his eyes were sharper than that of an Eagle but even after his training, on the field he was able to prove himself by sniping a target more than 3 km away. Strength 30 Endurance 25 Accuracy 25 Sniper
  3. Evertimeless

    US/EU Based squad looking for more

    add me EverTimeless