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  1. The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    I would suggest to give everyone 1 billion Rubles + 1 billion euro + 1 billion dollars + and couple bitcoin, then everyone will Burn money + everyone gets a chance to use every gun. Also Gear Fear would be decreased to all of us.
  2. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Dutchshotkiller#0001 Ching bang bang ying
  3. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Dutchshotkiller#0001 I like anime
  4. New players

    Character name Erazer Description He has blue eyes and short black hair. he's tall 2.10 CM. His past He was a sniper long time ago, He's been in the Secret war for years. (10 years) Has killed loads of soldiers front of his eyes, He has lost some humanity. His relatives are dead. Mother had died due explosion in the city Father is killed in Robbery inside the bank. His Brother is lost in the woods(assumed dead) How did he get to Tarkov? He was ordered to go Tarkov, he went with his teammates. In the car moving to Woods But got Ambushed by the bears. He was able to Survive that attack But his teammates did't survive. but one of his teammates he saw last running on other side of woods. But Erazer thinks he's dead (assumed dead teammate) He found some shelter to Recover and checking his gear. Predilections This character loves sniper rifles, He loves to mod them and use them in the battlefield. (but from higher ups told him its not allowed) Friends One Teammate that has possibility to survive. He got some old friends inside tarkov. but does not remember. Wounds, and battles He has some Scars from the war ago. (on his back large scar, and Legs has multiple scars) He was wounded from the Ambush second ago. Aspirations He thinks his brother is still alive, Even everyone said he's dead but did't found his body yet. He's looking for his brother. The greatest achievement that character did He's expert into sniping, has killed nearly 900 soldiers. Strength 20 Endurance 25 Accuracy 35 Sniper
  5. Traders wont update and give me correct loyalty

    just have to wait, you aren't only one. it will update soon enough.
  6. Showcase of your Best AK74n

    This is my most standard favorite Mostly i don't like too much attachments.
  7. Global Chat Missing In-Game

    to be honest i don't care about global chat, we all use discord or other communications.
  8. 7 Dagen alpha acces keys giveaway

    Wat ik leukste vondt is de wiggles, Respecteer de wiggles. maar natuurlijk vergeet niet de Wapens, verander je wapen tot naar je favoriet! Hier heb je leuke afbeelding van me Gemodde wapen Genaamd M4A1. My favorite M4A1 en meest comfortable voor mezelf! Oh Vergeet de AK - 47 niet! Krachtige AK - 47 Met 60 kogels magazijn! Groetjes, Dutch.
  9. 206 - Wrong email or password

    its back online
  10. "If I was in Tarkov, I would ..." Continue this sentence.

    if i was in tarkov, i would make friends with scavs and drink vodka all day, if some bastard would intrude our party. you don't know what powerful makarov will do and oh don't forget the molotov! -edit @Sleemhacks His ban incoming! Take COVER!
  11. The second wave of Beta admission starts!

    got in, i preordered on 26.05.17 good luck guys!
  12. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    Thank you for the answer and i will wait then till last day, either way i'm gonna cry into corner till it my mail sound comes.
  13. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    i think they made a list which was difficult to put people on server cause the load or it was automated system that does. but yeah i get your point.
  14. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    it would be nice if you give some information about month's and how many people will get invite each day, example January till march will be invited in hours or something so i can have little bit know when my invite comes.
  15. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    i liked that tbh but hey don't complain and wait ;P