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  1. 8mob8

    Kalashnikov family tree

    part of the reason i bought EOD was my misunderstanding of the package i guess...i thought a trial key to give to a friend was part of the package...i know for a FACT my friend would buy the game if he could try it out first...compete for a trial key
  2. why does the knife dude have his hands near his weapon and the guy with the gun has his hands up near his chest? bias video much?
  3. 8mob8

    What kind of bug is this?

    brutal...why if its desync does he get killed when the shots land and not as if the damage was catching up? i dunno
  4. 8mob8

    Free Cam with film tools!

    id like the feature for offline screenshots....im not even sure many people read ur posts lol RAWR no in game cameras RAWR team play abuse RAWR lol i thought my reading comprehension was bad
  5. a player cant reach said room extract and avoid contact in 10min lol COME ON
  6. bushes dont really render at distance is my understanding...perhaps choose a log hanging pine tree next time
  7. 8mob8

    Best Way to Spend 1M for Ragman?

    ive actually done that twice lol last wipe and the wipe before was like NOOOO DOH!
  8. 8mob8

    My game got "unbought"

    think of how many people bought and used the same key lol prolly why it all of a sudden stopped working...some1else re bought it
  9. controllers often provide an avenue for disabled gamers to play as well as mice with hella buttons
  10. 8mob8

    Very low FPS after playing awhile

    even the stash has a stutter now...sometimes the game grinds to 10-20fps and i get a server connection blah blah then i reconnect that everything is fine im 60fps + again i have the same system but w/a strix 1080 and also exp this
  11. 8mob8

    this will split the player community.

    i see far more solos than groups
  12. 8mob8

    Backend Issue Fixed (Comcast Users)

    what a flaming hoop u guys gotta jump thro...glad ya made it!
  13. 8mob8

    scav boss?

    i just found the group again and they kept cursing me and shining their lights in my eyes blinding me eventually they opened fire when i wouldnt leave...i ran inside and the scavarinO with the moto helmet pushed on me and killed me haha 2 kewl
  14. 8mob8

    refilling mags

    its like we are squinting our eyes really hard making everything blurry whilst doing it tho lol thas my current problem with it
  15. 8mob8

    scav boss?

    jus was a scav run..started with a shotgun