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  1. Looking for a group to play with

    #locked - It is against clan section rules to post "LFG" posts. You are more than welcome to apply to any of the clans in this section
  2. Looking for clans/partners in EFT

    #locked - It is against clan section rules to post "LFG" posts. You are more than welcome to apply to any of the clans in this section
  3. The game told me to post this.

    I would suggest to include that screen in a bug report here: http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/bug/create
  4. M4 consistently firing low?

    You need to take into account that the scopes main target reticule is set at 100m... so anything less than 100m will be below the target reticule...

    My crew play this game already..only difference is that we do it on all maps... we call it Iron Man... A lot of different games can be played, 'without changing the game' but just making one up in the confines of the world.
  6. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    A million is fair, perhaps on the cheap side for such an advantage... I hope to see this locked behind some skills in live as to keep it a rarity on the field, but nice work devs
  7. Can we fix the grenade bug?

    I have had over the past week... Scav's throwing 'silent' nades, 'silent' nades just dropping players that where nowhere near them, or one guy dropping with squadmates right next to you unaffected, thrown nades killing myself and squadmembers behind cover and a distance away, and just yesterday, myself and a squadmate threw a nade normally, but it rolled out and along the ground like an underhanded throw... Grenades are bust and acting very strangely... They need to be disabled until fixed really...
  8. M855 or M855A1?

    A1 until you can get king with him
  9. Are the maps going to be connected?

    The end game vision, is when you have successfully completed all 10 maps they will open up to join each other and create the 'open world' experience
  10. The miniature red dot sight Trijicon RMR

    As one of my crew said..."One day it'll grow up and become a proper red dot"
  11. Can we fix the grenade bug?

    Agree... Scav's now throw 'silent' nades as well as rgd's randomly killing you and your crew from 20m + when you are behind concrete...
  12. Where do OCEANIC and ASIA connect?

    You will all be in the same lobby... When you start a game, the server you will go to is based on the group Leaders IP address
  13. No more 5.56 M995 ?

    Its back to a certain amount at the top of the hour.. In a way I like it being limited, but you got to be quick
  14. Money case eat your rubles ?

    I believe it is your Insurance that dips into containers...