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  1. increase AR recoil

    If you are prone, with a bipod and a heavy rifle the recoil is really not that bad same with crouching but offhand yeah I agree
  2. Discord

    there is a big discord i cant get the link just google it
  3. Thoughts on Scav runs

    Yeah if they shoot at you and you kill them you shouldent be the bad guy
  4. Giving away 2 factory key !

    likewise +rep @lokosa
  5. It is also the fact that tarkov movement is very different and somewhat more realistic
  6. Need Factory Key

    how much? or what do you want to trade?
  7. Player Holes

    is that near the construction yard or more towards gas station?
  8. Automatic fire at distances.

    i shoot long in tarkov only way is to tap fire auto or to make your gun really damn heavy
  9. Interrupting a reload

    double tap r you drop your mag but reload is really fast
  10. Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа Ravenhawkhero Описание 6'4 White male. Lean build but well muscled. Brown hair and Hazel eyes Его прошлое Initially a high school dropout, Jack got sucked into black market dealing very quickly, making large sums of money very quickly Как он попал в Тарков? One of his trades was in Tarkov, and it so happened that he was stuck here when the borders closed. Пристрастия - Silenced weapons - MRE's Друзья Fredric Barren - another black marker trader Jon Stone - a friend from back in the days of school Ранения и битвы Scar across left cheek 5 police officers killed in a shootout with only a pistol. Стремления To make as much profit from the Tarkov situation as possible, while building some connections. Самые значительные достижения персонажа Killed a BEAR soldier to complete a deal, the bear had an AK-74, He only had a knife Сила 20 Выносливость 25 Меткость 35 Снайпер
  11. New players

    Character name Ravenhawkhero Description 6"4 White Male Well muscled but lean His past ex KGB Asassin How did he get to Tarkov? He was moving through Tarkov for a job and got caught as the borders closed Predilections - Accurate rifles - Condensed Milk Friends Agent 43, a friend from his old job he still knows Jack Thorne, a friend from his shooting club Wounds, and battles One scar across his left cheek. Assassinated 24 men, only one ever fought back Aspirations Set up a profitable bounty business in tarkov Improve skill with AK series rifles The greatest achievement that character did Assassination of Fetisov Borisovich, a Ukrainian diplomat, who had a guard as tight as the white house Strength 20 Endurance 30 Accuracy 30 Sniper
  12. The map and the sectors of Tarkov in the text RPG

    looks good!
  13. Chest rig price

    noooo rip me
  14. Chest rig price

    what do you mean ifak is no longer avaliable?
  15. Trader Sorting options/ Filter

    Yeah Good idea, +1