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  1. Ravenhawkhero

    Welcome to Tarkov (Gameplay montage)

    nice, i used to do a similar thing, well done
  2. Ravenhawkhero

    Tarkov longevity suggestion

    arena isnt actually a problem, all the matches take place on existing maps
  3. Ravenhawkhero

    Why I tell every gamer I meet not to buy Tarkov

    Hmm, this looks like a person who complains about a game that they are TESTING. The game is nowhere near OBT and nobody can buy the game anyway, you can only preorder. What you are playing is technically not Tarkov. I agree the game has issues, its our job to find them. TBH I dont know this but I assume you are the sort of person to complain about this sort of game but then not compain about something like the state of battlefield 4 on release
  4. +1 I agree, kiver is expensive, kolpak is cheap and rubbish aftr the hachet nerf
  5. Ravenhawkhero


    Group name: Hawken Action: After finding that the water source is really not, I decide to continue heading towards the next obvious one. I wake up and spend a few minutes enjoying the crisp morning air, then begin off on the next leg of my trek. (sorry, not much to RP about)
  6. EOD stops on release actually
  7. Ravenhawkhero

    Launcher won't start install!

    1. delete everything and reinstall the launcher, 2. run the launcher as an admin 3. start a support ticket if that does not work
  8. Ravenhawkhero


    Group Name: Hawken Action: After a somewhat uncomfortable night's rest, I wake up feeling somewhat sore and sorry, and decide to head for the nearest water source (marked in movement) in order to perhaps obtain some gear, or team up with any fellow adventurers who might be residing there. I approach around dusk, and decide that a quick scout around is in order before I bed down in another concealed spot for the night
  9. Ravenhawkhero


    Group Name: Hawker Action: After waking up after a good night's sleep, I decide to head south for a change. I make as much distance up as I can, moving quietly but Quickly. I intend on finding a relativley stable shelter to stay the night (If you want to make life a little interesting by throwing a spanner in the works be my guest)
  10. Ravenhawkhero


    Group Name: Hawken Action/description: After deploying in I quickly head for my destination, hoping to find somewhere to bed down before travelling for the next few days
  11. Ravenhawkhero

    Team Recognition

    Armbands are coming and confirmed
  12. Ravenhawkhero

    Percularities that needs answers...

    1. paca is better, amour rating is irrelevant there 2. if you play USEC, a bear can mutter, and it forces you to respond, which is a buff to being a BEAR. 3. no clue 4. its not always that way, its within a radius, they hear the shots and respond 5. hitbox is munted 6. pretty sure thats not implemented yet
  13. Ravenhawkhero

    I have 2 rookie questions here :D

    1. Yeah there is also the VEPR's, as val's and a few others I cant remember 2. any trade in stuff like collecting shotguns you can do, but kills only count on your PMC. but if you die say on woods after getting 1 scav kill, next raid you only need 2 more, progress does carrry.
  14. Ravenhawkhero

    Windows 10 FPS Fix

    You also turn on the DPI option and set it to application
  15. they are not broken, you clearly did not play the alpha lol