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  1. Countercheating measures

    Saw 2 guys flying today, I Know how the anti cheat works. We have a ban wave, cheats update, people hack and we are told to wait for the ban wave because people are " gathering info " and the " Anti cheat is good " But meanwhile we are all being killed by hackers. So then, We have a ban wave, cheats update, people hack and we are told to wait for the ban wave because people are " gathering info " and the " Anti cheat is good " And after that wave We have a ban wave, cheats update, people hack and we are told to wait for the ban wave because people are " gathering info " and the " Anti cheat is good " Over and over, Thats not how the anti cheat is supposed to work its ANTI cheat as is ANTI prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” not after the fact. The game needs work to combat hacks, So much stuff is client side that you don't even need a hack or mod to spawn items, Disable recoil etc, its so so basic.
  2. The white lines you see are Jaggies or " shimmering " Caused by AA or the lack off. Its an issue, I get it too. But I have a 3440x1440 monitor so it does a little better than at 1080p. You can use SSAA in game for the jaggies but it could make it too blurry for you. Maybe try using reshade for the AA
  3. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    Shame about the 3-4 week wait. I want desync and hackers gone more than new content though tbh. Devs should definitely do some dev blogs now and then let the players feel more updated with whats going on.
  4. Upcoming Glock

    We are getting the Lone Wolf Glock
  5. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    Aside from the arena we had already seen all these things last year. Looking forward for the new patch just for the Banwave, Hacks have been updated and the game is a total poop fest at the moment
  6. Just an FYI to anyone who read through it all, If you use nvidia dsr to double your resolution, it will take double the performance to get back to fps you are used to. If you turn on DSR turn the DSR smoothness down to 0% in the control panel. SSAA in Tarkov does a good job for Jaggies but does make the game quite blurry, So pick your poison. Turn off Zblur, Noise and CA if your having an issue with blur, But you will get jaggies. Dsr works but there will be an fps hit, Possibly a big hit depending on your gpu and the res you are going to. But on the subject of csgo vs tarkov........... One thing that consistently surprises me with tarkov is how nice the devs got the game to look with the engine. Ive got a 3440x1440 monitor and a 1080ti, I know not everyone is running round with the game on max and a huge panel so I know that not everyone will have the same experience. But saying its worse than CSGO? Jebus.
  7. The interview with Nikita Buyanov

    Can we draw a line under the karma chat pls gents.
  8. The interview with Nikita Buyanov

    Scavs are animals.
  9. The interview with Nikita Buyanov

    Absolut Soft and BSG are the same company, Hence why Hired ops looks so similar. Again with contract wars. QUOTE: "NIM: How was your studio founded, and how did you manage to keep your game a secret for so long? Nikita Buyanov: We were previously known (and continue to be known) as Absolutsoft. The games even use the same assets and sounds..... hired ops has cooler weapons though
  10. The interview with Nikita Buyanov

    Looking forward to this to better identify friendlies, But when the Karma system comes in would having each player look unique not take away from that system? pls no, Just give us a proper barter system, Where we can use cash and the value of objects against items. Would give more incentive for players to scavenge random things. I'd rather just have traditional game scope mechanics that are guaranteed to work with a frame rate. The realism is nice, but its better to have something that works for all rather than just us with a high end pc. Also, Please update more on servers. The above sounds cool but i'd much rather be able to go into game and play on solid servers each time I log in. No point having cool content if people can't play it.
  11. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    Will we be getting a server update anytime soon? Obviously desync and servers is the sticking point for everyone, But it feel like the focus now will be on the Gamescom build and making sure it flawless with a perfect server to avoid bugs etc. The " 5k new servers " has been going around for a while now, and whether it be a small indie studio or a AAA team its cutting close to the amount of time it would take to add more servers/find server providers globally. Even if servers are added in slowly. People are starting to get the feeling that we are left in the lurch while the rest of the world will get to see a flawless experiance at Gamescom that isn't what the current playerbase has day to day. I know its beta, But once you put a product up for a cash buy in, Early access or beta/alpha, You have launched. You have released your current build to the world and with the whole YT and Twitch mass advertising from people playing the game the desync is more in focus now beta has launched. When you see X streamer get desync, We know its a pain, we all get it. But the people who have come to check the game out, Are not gonna show any interest when something as fundamental to the game as good servers still isn't fixed while the game is off to gamescom. Battlestate has experience in multiplayer games so I don't see why the issue has persisted for so long. Don't think im just pooping on the game, I love it. I really do, Its one of my favorite games ive played in a long time.
  12. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    hand Signals were shown in the 2016 dev blog, But I don't think they ever got into the release.
  13. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    I was saying that we do not have access to the quests so when it is shown it will be in a private server with other bsg staff most likely. I just hope it's not scripted like other FPS games at E3 and total misrepresentation of the game in it's current state. Because they don't want to show off game breaking desync and hatchlings to the world at gamescom. Showing the game in a closed environment that misrepresents the game would be bad if it brings an influx of streamers etc and all they get is desync it will give the game a bad name, when lirik streamed it he had a ton of desync all night and he called it a trash early access game.
  14. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    Can a Dev confirm if this is something we'll see before or around gamescom or if it's a separate built and we are still a while from release. Just before people get hyped over nothing.
  15. I know this may seem one sided as I do own the EOD edition but it would be cool if EOD owners got a beta key, Just beta not full game, to give to a buddy so they can try it.