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  1. How do I get better?

    Watch streamers like Klean and Kotton playing on twitch, you can learn a lot from them.
  2. New servers added!

    I agree with you completely, kids destroy games.
  3. New servers added!

    Yea, later at night servers become better to when kids go to sleep and there is not a lot of people playing. Nothing new here. Will se on the weekend how the servers will perform.
  4. New servers added!

    This is not new, its like this every day in the morning because there is not a lot of people playing, later in the day when more people start to play servers get worse, long matching, lag, desync comes back.
  5. 6 close range shots

    5 shots is not enough to kill someone, yet i die in 1 or 2 shots and head is least damaged says at the end, broken game.
  6. New servers added!

    EU servers are a joke, matching 10+ minutes then die in 2 minutes because of lag and desync.
  7. New servers added!

    How could you possibly know that full release will not have these issues? Servers have been poo since closed alpha and they dont have enough servers for all the people to play. So dont talk like this is some new problem, its been like this for months now. How long could it possibly take to add more servers for EU, surely not months.
  8. New servers added!

    Endless matching here to EU. You should stop selling the game if you dont have enough servers for all the people to play. This happened before, this is not something new, this is happening after every new patch when a lot of people are trying to play.
  9. Terrible server performance

    He is talking about: - desync ( that is here since closed alpha ) - long awaiting server response time ( happens after every patch, when there is a lot of players trying to play, that is here since closed alpha) So nothing that he is talking about is the result of this patch it was here since closed alpha. If you are serious then you don't know anything, you just think you know everything. If no one would complain about server performance then developers would think everything is just fine.
  10. Terrible server performance

    Server problems have been here since closed alpha . Its not something that happened after this patch and you are saying it should be remedied soon, come on man are you serious.
  11. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Escape from Tarkov has the potential to become the best FPS ever ever created. So banning cheaters as fast as posible is very important beacuse they can destoy the game completely. I wish you very best in the future in development of game. And thank you to all moderators of this forum and tech support, you are all doing very good job.
  12. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Good job ! I hope you get them all.
  13. Just a "suggestion", fix the damm gun glitches.

    Csgo is not like EFT you dont loose everything when you die there. In Csgo if a cheater kills you, you can just switch server and you stil have all your weapons. In EFT if a cheater kills you, you cant just switch server and get your weapons back. Do you see the difference?
  14. Just a "suggestion", fix the damm gun glitches.

    With big update will come new bugs, glitches. When and if these cheaters get banned in couple of days new cheaters will come with updated cheats and than we will have to play with cheaters and new glitches again till they ban them and fix the glitches again, rinse and repeat. Soon EFT will be ghost town if this does not change.