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  1. tullowitsch

    Game balance

    ok, i don't want to have to do 10 to 20 raids to find some ammo so i can do 1 serious geared run only to die then to some disconnect/desync/netcode bs, want to be able to buy competitive ammo to be able to PVP, without just going for legmeta which is bs as well... and ok, then lowlevel players will not only not play until next patch but until next wipe...
  2. tullowitsch

    Game balance

    if you're such low level player that you can't buy 5.45BS, 7.62BP or 955 ammo just stop playing until next patch, completely waste of time right now...
  3. tullowitsch

    Remove insurance will made the game better

    Maybe they should make it that way that insurance only works when you die... so at least people don't just dump their gear to grab other stuff?
  4. tullowitsch

    Remove insurance will made the game better

    You're kind of right, but man... after a bad day in Tarkov... completely emptying your stash... the only thing to cheer you up at least a little bit are the 15-20 insurance returns the next day... at least this works for me to keep playing sometimes, otherwise we might loose on playerbase?
  5. tullowitsch

    Bulletproof Skavs since .9 patch

    thanks for the tip, I could not believe how I was missing 30!!! bullets from my Vepr towards sniper scav, but after reload I got him...
  6. tullowitsch

    The Alpha Container is worse than Dog poo

    Killing a squad and looting with the alpha O.o. Have you tried a backpack yet?
  7. tullowitsch

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    Server connection lost...
  8. tullowitsch

    Slow Download Speed 96kb/s

    use VPN, worked for me
  9. tullowitsch

    What's with all the UN armour in fence!

    hahaha yeah sure... SoonTM maybe
  10. Stg 77 (Steyr AUG), weil: War 9 Monate lang mein Baby im Grundwehrdienst, hab sie getragen, gehalten, auseinander genommen, gereinigt, geölt, gefeuert, in Schlamm geworfen, mich drübergewältzt, durchgeputzt, gehasst, festgehalten, geschleppt, mich drann wundgescheuert, immer und immer wieder… und nein, war nicht so schön wie's sich anhört haha
  11. tullowitsch

    I killed a guy, but didn't

    I once did 641 damage on a 1v1 until I drop dead and he survived...
  12. tullowitsch

    Lager erweiterung

  13. tullowitsch

    Game is too unfriendly to new players

    go for them legs... or try get that "face"-shot