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  1. Wut? I play shoreline a lot, easy get there stuff worth about 2 mio Rubles out per hour... In general it's way to easy right now to get money and gear, but how else we gonna test all the juice right now? It should and will get much harder to get stuff though...
  2. tullowitsch

    Having a hard time finding extraction points

    maybe you try spend some time in offline raids "without AI" just to get to know the maps and to look for extract points and when you go in with a scav it shows you the map with all potential scav extract locations, just screenshot it
  3. tullowitsch

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the 3 geared dudes on woods night raid with NVGs, I don't know how you couldn't see me, but I could see your heads with the green light on front of your NVGs perfectly, sorry I one tapped you one by one with my 226 Scav, I didn't mean to be there but launcher times were messed up and it has thrown me into that night raid by mistake... lel
  4. tullowitsch


    no dude, no one hacking here, must have been another game...
  5. tullowitsch

    To all the drama queens that announce their departure

    And how is your post different to theirs?
  6. tullowitsch

    Why do scavs have the aim of a Navy Seal Vet

    ok, makes sense, and how about them SKS scavs? maybe I'm just unlucky, no? haha
  7. tullowitsch

    Why do scavs have the aim of a Navy Seal Vet

    well, have hardly been shot anywhere else by scavs, 90% into my legs, 9% into my head, and that's a fact, no matter what anyone says
  8. tullowitsch

    A serious discussion about Tarkov's early game.

    please do not reduce number of PMCs, on some of the huge maps it's sometimes even hard to find some action (btw, getting rid of hatchlings through hatchlings only servers would help a lot ) gear helps only in a fair firefight and only if there is no desync or other problems, but if you get the jump on another player gear doesn't matter anymore spawns on interchange are currently a bit tight sometimes that's right, but I'm sure that's going to change no worries
  9. tullowitsch

    Inventar Stash zu KLEIN

    Ich hab EOD und koennte mir nicht vorstellen mit Standard irgendwas zu reissen, ist echt uebertrieben klein... Waere dafuer alle stashes um sagen wir 40 lines erweitern... (natuerlich auch EOD haha )
  10. tullowitsch

    Do You Deliberately Kill Scavs on Scav runs?

    never, as scav I don't care to exit with loot, scav gear or scav weapon to get few rubles for it, for me priority as scav is to rush med spawn points, hopefully find some dead scav or players to get better weapon, and then go after PMC, that's all that interests me when playin as scav to get them PMCs and there juice haha
  11. tullowitsch

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    yeah jumping down from building 10800 8 times weapon granade swap noscope across map final kill cam
  12. tullowitsch

    Revolver bullets

    anyone else remembers those? need them my aim so baaaaaad
  13. tullowitsch

    Gun Moving Up When Running Into Players

    yeah it's like hello Mr. Hatchling, I take away that nasty barrel of my rifle so you can come up-close and smash my head... lel, actually you would just ram your weapons barrel into his chest to keep him distant and pull the trigger until it makes click and even better when that happens with a scav and you both point weapon up, scav still can shoot you
  14. tullowitsch

    More WIP images

    Could anyone translate text please? The US version says: "Front toward enemy" like not kidding
  15. tullowitsch

    More WIP images

    no gaymores please omg like we don't have enough problems already looking for action with tons of hatchlings, glitchers and exit campers, now even support them with claymores... to get even more population of them... congratz GG