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  1. Matching times

    It's EU, any map...
  2. Scav Mode Objectives

    still think this a good idea, but doesn't get any attention here, maybe you should move it to general or beta forum...
  3. Scav Mode Objectives

    Yeah man agree, but in general it was a legit idea which can be picked up for discussion and improved. I think implementation of scav-objectives sounds interesting and has some potential. However, dev can find better solutions how to bonus or penalize objectives for fulfilling or failing. Just don't think that ideas are picked up right here...
  4. Scav Mode Objectives

    maybe you should move this to general or beta forum, doesn't seem to get much attention here...
  5. Scav Mode Objectives

    i like it, very good idea. I'd even say until completion of objective no extraction possible? it also could kind of force scavs to play together other than KOS grab some rare loot and extract. I hope devs pick up on your idea and try it out or something similar at least
  6. Friendly Wiggle

    Totally agree. Alpha was a different story, a good one. The best gameplays I've had was when I managed to team up with some random and to get out geared up together. Especially when you team up with a random scav and drop some geared players, nothing better than that . Then Beta arrived and madness began. Hardly found any friendlies since Beta, and I am literally looking for friendlies. The real unbelievable thing: those hatchling even attack you when you're fully geared... lol?!?!? I play mainly solo and was getting kind of bored a bit so I've tried to play "shosho" style (YT), to look for some hatchling noob and help him gear up and extract. Damn... I don't get where shosho finds all those friendlies in his YT-videos... That's a real challenge... I usually approach them hatchlings doing the wiggle to them, me fully geared and armed. Guess what, a 95% of them hatchlings will launch an attack at you, even from distance... I can only wonder... imagine you play as hatchling, someone fully geared looking at you and not shooting, maybe even wiggling at you, and all you do is run towards him and try to knife him down... lul? rly? srsly? Literally giving you no other choice than shooting them, and if desync is on there side you can get into real trouble with them... Since beta I've found less than 10 friendlies yet, out of which I could help about half to gear up and extract, dropping them all I had, those were some of most fun gameplays... to the other estimated 200 hatchlings to which I wiggled and still they launched an attack at me: you could have very likely survived and got out with more gear than you could carry, but instead I had to down you and keep going on solo... I really don't get it!?!?!?!?! But that's Beta and it's new playerbase, all crying to be shot at sight, but in reality not much of a choice...
  7. Broken leg as I spawn in?

    I've had this problem as PMC in Alpha (Customs and Woods) but it's gone since Beta. I run game on SSD.
  8. quit the game after five attempts

    I seriously doubt that. However, keep trying. In this game you need to learn lots of things to get good. Or do you think Kotton was going in John Wick style on his fith raid already?
  9. Changelog page in the launcher

    I'm out of reputations today, back tomorrow
  10. 360'd constantly by AI

    I once even got 720ed haha
  11. Weather

    How about a Tarkov News channel with weather forecast?
  12. Games getting worst over time

    Them damn glitchers are annoying, but not because you can't loot them, but because they will eventually get you down too, and this with a weapon they shouldn't have because they have died with it plenty of times already but got to keep it. And the number of weapon glitchers is currently exploding. However, seems like there's no real interest to get this fixed soon. They say they gonna fix it with the next patch in 3-4 weeks but they also said and "did" so with beta release already, but hell yeah weapon glitching is still a thing, in fact weapon glitching is real for couple of month already with no end in sight. Even though I bet that for an experienced programmer that's work of less than an hour and a few KBs of patch. Gonna keep to see it positive, glitchers are just that bad in the game and probably similar personalities in RL as well Hackers I can't confirm, I've done almost 800 raids since beta and haven't seen a single hacker yet, but maybe I'm just lucky. And you shouldn't worry about loosing gear man, c'mon, sometimes you loose it sometimes you win it, we're still beta testers after all, and wipes still incoming on a regular basis anyway, so why to worry about gear? Just go out there and try having fun winning and loosing
  13. Upcoming Glock

    Holy... where do you live dude?
  14. Neuer Pistolen Bug?

    Naja man kann halt niemanden bannen der "in-game-mechanics" anwendet. Einzig und allein die Devs können und sollten das unterbinden. Ich versteh nur nicht warum das ewig dauert. Diese Glitcherei läuft nun schon seit Monaten. Warum bis zum nächsten großen Patch warten? Dann fixen die eine Version beim nächsten Patch und die Spieler finden eine andere Möglichkeit weiterzuglitschen, genau so wars nämlich mit Beta release auch. Dabei hätten die das schon längst mit hotfix beseitigen können. Ein guter Programmierer braucht dafür nichtmal 'ne Stunde und ist blos ein paar KB patch... PS: es ist nicht das nervige das man deren Pistole nicht looten kann, das nervige ist das so ein Spasst dich früher oder später auch mal holt und zwar mit einer Waffe die er gar nicht haben sollte weil er mit der schon x-mal gestorben ist.