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  1. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Kim#3080 Verify me please
  2. Hey dude, I'm not sure who Mechadie is so I can't tell you, found no one with that name on our forums Anyway, it would be cool to put up a Tarkov Raiding Night with people from KG and the Tarkov community in generall, anyone intrested in this !?
  3. What does augmentin antibiotic pills do?

    I double checked, saw it now. Didn not see it the first time I looked. Is there any toxic effects in the game today?
  4. I've found two bottles of augmentin antibiotic pills, I tried spawning in in offline mode and using a bottle but nothing happened. What does it do?
  5. Got this in a run today, pretty happy. We're doing a community raid on Friday if anyone is up for joining!
  6. Glad to see you're back @Kgcobra. I've been on vacation so I'm just downloading the game now. gonna be fun to try it out, we're starting to get a decent amount of new members for EfT aswell now
  7. Sounds good, mate. Jump on our teamspeak if you wanna have a chat and check us out !
  8. Thank you very much for your feedback Dokken!
  9. Hello to the fellow members of the Escape from Tarkov Community. Are you looking for someone to play with? Look no further than Konvict Gaming! We already have members playing the Alpha, and members that have pre-ordered the game and will be playing the beta. We are a mature, international multi-gaming community that have been around over 7 years and intend to be around for many more. We have gamers who plays both casual and competitively in many different games As a community we believe in creating a place where everyone feels like they belong. A place both the casual and the hardcore can play together and still feel like they are welcome, because they are! What do you need to join the community? You need to be 16 years, or older. You need to have teamspeak 3, and a working microphone. You need to be respectful of other individuals. How do I join the community? Go to our webpage and sign up. Log in, go to Application Forms and make a application for community member. Please let the moderator know you’re signing up for Escape from Tarkov. But Konvict is more than just a place for Escape from Tarkov, we have other sections such as: Overwatch League of Legends Counter Strike: Global Offensive Heroes of the storm The Division Final Fantasy XIV Rocket League World of warcraft World of tanks Diablo III Throughout our sections we host tournaments and events, and we also have coaches if you want to teach other people how to improve their game skill, og get better yourself! Post below if you have any questions, about the game or about the community. We are always happy to help and want to have a open discussion with people who would like to join in on the fun See you in Tarkov!
  10. What do you find funny?

    A lot of funny content here
  11. Wallpapers

    Some good looking art here!
  12. Haha, I liked that "indoors" pun
  13. Did you know...

    Haha, I must keep this in mind when the Beta comes out
  14. Google Chrome theme

    Cool! Good job