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  1. The Punisher PT.6 Impossible

    this is the only task i have a real issue with. There was someone that showed stats on faction choice in NA; it is heavily favoring USEC. So im actually forced to go bear to complete this task reliably. That's poor design. The rest of the tasks seem fine imo.
  2. please change/remove Punisher pt.3.

    Like I said, didn't have a problem with this task this patch or before this patch. Scavs spawn consistently for me at construction; by the time i kill them and deal with pmcs, the other scavs at bus are pushing me, once theyre done, i might see the sniper scav on the building with the chem van if pmcs havent killed him yet; checkpoint sniper is next which spawns after pmcs are gone; once he's dead, it triggers 2-4 wondering scavs to push me at checkpoint and refinery; then 2-4 at old gas station. At this point you can double back to customs and get you another 6 kills if nobody went thru there or you can just exit.
  3. please change/remove Punisher pt.3.

    i did it in 2 customs runs, spawning at the standard customs spawn. May i suggest not hiding in spawn for 10 minutes and then heading out after all the scavs have been killed? Also, the spawn system for scavs has changed a bit and it's more dynamic. if you double back you can get all the scavs you need. quick edit 18 scav kills on the first raid, 4 pmc kills. Second raid finished it up. It's fine. It's a challenge, and easily doable.
  4. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    what challenge? they cant hit the broad side of a barn with a shotgun even
  5. i love this game, but im done

    can I have your stuff? why whine about unfinished AI, especially when it's not even that challenging to begin with?
  6. scavs killen scavs

    i could care less if they increase the timer since i dont need loot from scav runs. I kill the player scavs since they cant be trusted, the AI since they are now aggressive to me, and then the PMCs. xp and loot from all
  7. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    HAHAH! My favoritepart of the stream, throwing an F1 grenade at the feet of the scav, the host calls it a stun grenade, and it ends up doing even less damage than a stun grenade. Brilliant.
  8. Penalty for Spawn Camping

    spawns are randomized. Once you learn the map, you too can figure out where players come from. Now if you spawn as a scav, and have the misfortune of spawning right next to another player scav, i could understand your complaint. Hopefully you have the faster loading rig.
  9. Scav on Scav violence

    The exp you get is not ridiculously low. The end battle report is bugged, and you actually get a lot more than it shows. I'd venture to see its very much comparable to the way pmc xp works, seeing how the skills/mastering level the same way. Also, player scav pistols sells for 5-8 times more than a scav ai makarov or tt. There should be no penalty at all. Killing other scavs is in line with the lore of cutthroats and backstabbers in the lore. Also, it indirectly affects the PMCs as they get no loot or kill xp. Just for your knowledge:
  10. Map website

    good work
  11. what am i doing wrong?

    Alright, so some shogtun tips: -dont use slugs, they are busted atm -dont go for headshots, not really worth it at medium range bc of the spread. leg shots do the trick just fine -if you want tighter spread at longer ranges use a longer barrel and choke -personally i prefer the shortest barrel and i tend to only engage at close range, sometimes medium if i know i have the advantage. -this is personal preference but i like the mp153 over 133. Fire a few quick shots and get in cover. Single shots can do the trick too, but semi auto is the bonus with the 153, so use it. As for desync, nothing you can do about it. Accept your death and* move on
  12. what am i doing wrong?

    sir you seem to struggle to put together a coherent thought, so i will help you. Shotguns in this game are fine. If you take the time to mod them properly, and then use them properly, you will notice a vast improvement in your gameplay. @Rudafied It could either be armor on the opponent, range, and shot placement. Or simply a desync issue. Post a video next time and we can break it down. Just had someone claim hacks in another shotgun related thread, where it turns out he hit a grazing shot, missed the next 2 shots, all at medium range, while getting hit by a more accurate shot from his opponent
  13. Scav on Scav violence

    Sure, but all scav on scav kills are justified. you give me exp, and you have loot i want. So it doesnt seem like that would ever work ... since you know ... it's justified