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  1. Traders having limited items

    I watched immediately after reset, there were over 10,000 salewa's on therapist and hundreds were being bought every time I manually refreshed her.
  2. Traders having limited items

    They have the same amount as they always did, they just get bought by the hundreds per second now.
  3. minigun

    I would like a man portable Gsh-6-30.
  4. New modifications in Escape from Tarkov

  5. Gamma hacks & reshade need to be nerfed/bannable

    Players should also be mandated to using only one set of developer approved mouse and keyboard, and restricted from sitting further and or closer than 40 cm from the screen.
  6. Gamma hacks & reshade need to be nerfed/bannable

    Agreed, and all players should be restricted to the exact same video settings, frame rate and resolution. That way no one has an advantage of any sort.
  7. Female Character Models?

    Rape, that is all.
  8. Hackers

    That mega chode, Chod, is to blame for this.
  9. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    Just a simple suggestion, maybe the people who gave you 140$ should get priority matchmaking over some standard edition pleb who just bought the game because of a shroud stream, crazy idea I know... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    Him surviving shots to the back of the head has nothing to do with him wearing fort armor...
  11. Official Trading Thread

    Still offering gamma container for factory/marked key.
  12. Armor--Proper Armor

    Most of the equipment (not guns) were made circa 2000 or later.
  13. Cant attach M1-B fore grip to AK-74n

    pretty sure you have to remove the gas tube.
  14. Official Trading Thread

    Currently trading Gdesk key and Gamma container for factory/marked/docs case.
  15. Armor--Proper Armor

    Except thats wrong, we have tons of new equipment. The 6B43 6A is top of the line as far as body armor goes for the Russian military.