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  1. truskolas

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Fabryka Broni Radom (Radom Weapon Factory) Polish most experienced weapon factory, it has been producing a large variety of weapons for 100years. They produce Rifles, Carabines, Pistols, MP's. http://fabrykabroni.pl/en/ Their newest and best rifle is the MSBS (Modułowy System Broni Strzeleckiej - Modular Weapon System) http://fabrykabroni.pl/en/produkty/karabiny/msbs/ I would love to see it in-game
  2. truskolas

    Suggestion: Shotgun Shell Reloading

    very good idea
  3. truskolas

    Upcoming New Mods!

    and far from English
  4. truskolas

    Upcoming New Mods!

    AK-74 doesn't have the rail on the side, and was more commonly used, because AK-74N has a rail mostly for nightscopes (normal red dots were put there later) so it was used for only some actions. I appreciate western weapons, but i would surely like to see the whole AK family, with all Saiga and Vepr civil versions. Can't wait too see any new weapon to the game (i will still kill you with AK's though, especially when the RPK-16 hits the game)
  5. truskolas

    Upcoming New Mods!

    we have, as i stated, i would like to see NOT the N version. We have many versions available, but idk why, we can't use a AK-74. Ak-74N is a version of AK-74.
  6. truskolas

    Upcoming New Mods!

    What about the AK-74??? will we get not the N version?
  7. truskolas


    Why do we have many variants of AK74, but we can't play with the real, AK-74? not N, not S, just 74???
  8. truskolas

    New Emissaries Recruitment

    I have applied!
  9. truskolas

    Zakończenie eventów

    Nie rozumiem, czemu niektórzy się tak denerwują, że patch jest opóźniany. Moim zdaniem powinni patche wypuszczać jak najlepiej dopracowane. Chętnie poczekam.
  10. truskolas


    man, just put additional mags in the backpack
  11. truskolas

    New Weapons??

    lots of HMG, especially PKM and KORD
  12. truskolas

    mount location for optics on picatinny

    It's not in game yet, but we need it!
  13. truskolas

    prapor factory task

    Well, you must be sure that you kill sb in the raid to get the SURVIVES status not the RUN-THROUGH
  14. truskolas

    Warning while bartering with Items

    Same happend to me. All my keys. And a keybar.
  15. truskolas

    Shooting through the factory "metal walk"

    In some way.... For example PS ammo will go through big trees although it will do much less demage to a armored guy, and PP ammo will go and still do high damage. OR you are actually able to scan through theese expensive house's walls. I think that diffrent surfaces slow bulet difrently.