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  1. New Weapons??

    lots of HMG, especially PKM and KORD
  2. mount location for optics on picatinny

    It's not in game yet, but we need it!
  3. prapor factory task

    Well, you must be sure that you kill sb in the raid to get the SURVIVES status not the RUN-THROUGH
  4. Warning while bartering with Items

    Same happend to me. All my keys. And a keybar.
  5. Shooting through the factory "metal walk"

    In some way.... For example PS ammo will go through big trees although it will do much less demage to a armored guy, and PP ammo will go and still do high damage. OR you are actually able to scan through theese expensive house's walls. I think that diffrent surfaces slow bulet difrently.
  6. New Player Guidance

    Everybody started dying. Harsh Tarkov. You'll work the game out after -18 hours + streams an youtube videos. See ya in Tarkov!
  7. So, who else is a iron sight fan?

    I like iroon sights. But In real life shooting without a rearsight is pretty impossible.
  8. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Cool guys! Take your time, final release is not as important if the game is playable and cool as it is now!
  9. Make Silencers A Findable Item Only And Rare.
  10. Refill Magazines in Combat (Time to need)

    It has been said a lot of times, devs even said that refiling mags will have an animation (!). Although your ,,factor'' suggestion is cool.
  11. Make Silencers A Findable Item Only And Rare.

    All aromors were nerfed. The durability yu see in the inventory is incorrect, to check te real durability you have to go to the ,,repair'' window. On the silencers I agree with you. I've heard that they are going to make silencers degradable so that we would have to repair them and that's cool.
  12. Aktualizacja

    Niestety nie da się pobrać
  13. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    It looks more realistic then in real life!
  14. AN-94 when?

    One of the best AK's! So glad the whole AK family will be implemented!
  15. Glock 17 Gen 3

    Matchmaking miesza graczy różnych poziomów, więc to, że bedzie go można zmodować w 100% dopiero na koronce (lvl 4) nic nie zmienia. PS będzie dostępne 30 modyfikacji do niego!